The Bug Butcher - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-01-26 22:46:23
The name The Bug Butcher may not be able to catch your eye. What's more, it doesn't even make us imagine what is behind this purchase of about € 8 on Steam. However, it is a title that is overflowing with affection from those in charge of Awfully Nice Studios (made up of two people), but which is also a veiled tribute to one of those perennial classics of every arcade in the 90s: Pang!

As in that title, in The Bug Butcher we will have to worry about the vertical, more than the horizontal , moving in the plane, but shooting at us. The opposition, yes, stops being simple balls, to transform into a series of alien bugs that infest the space station we inhabit. This gives rise to different patterns of movement and behavior, which are what in the end will end up providing some variability to the gameplay of the title. There will be those that simply bounce, those that are divided into smaller aliens, those that shoot, those that throw themselves towards the ground ... There is even a type of enemy in the purest Alien style (the movie) that will jump towards our face, killing us instantly if he catches us. We like their designs, also their animations, although we are left with the wide variety of enemies that are presented.

In this way, a 'normal' game of The Bug Butcher will put our character to shoot upwards, dealing with the successive waves of enemies, while trying to increase his multiplier of deaths, avoid coming into contact with the enemy and collect all the power-ups displayed on the screen. It seems like a lot to deal with, especially when dozens of enemies start to appear on the screen. However, these moments of chaos are the most fun and demanding, pushing us to the limit and making us feel like old Pang, with those damn colored balls. However, the differences are remarkable. In the Awfully Nice Studios title there are many more elements at stake than in the classic one . On the one hand there will be the power ups that the enemies drop, that increase the damage, restore our life or increase the cadence of our laser. On the other hand, there are the special weapons that appear in drawers from time to time: missile launchers, machine guns, a continuous destructive laser, etc. This adds a strategic element, since both power-ups wear out with use, requiring some finesse to finish off enemies in the best possible way.

If that weren't enough, there would be one more element to add to this shooting salad, the skills we get by chaining together a series of consecutive shots. In this case, very useful tools, but a shorter life: a single use. We can freeze enemies, launch missiles that pursue their targets, increase speed and become invulnerable ... At this point, you may be wondering, do you need all this pyrotechnic paraphernalia? The answer is yes, but no. That is, we can survive with some skill without using these power-ups, but if we really want to stand out in The Bug Butcher, they will be necessary, as it will facilitate that of getting the best possible score.

Because we are facing one more of the list of games that qualify our performance with stars. Yes, finishing The Bug Butcher is possible without trying to climb the online leaderboards, but as players we will always want more. That is why there is the score multiplier, which is reset every time we receive damage, but also the improvement system of our character , which will allow us to move faster and make each weapon or power-up more and more efficient. In this way, we can end up facing the challenges of this title without getting messy, focusing on not suffering damage and maintaining the rate of death. That will be the key to success, although this progress materializes differently in each of the two existing game modes.

On the one hand there is the campaign, with 30 levels that in normal difficulty will take us a couple of hours to finish , but that in difficult are a real challenge. Here we will collect coins and empower our character between levels. However, in the other game mode, Panic , we will do it between rounds, since it is an endless mode, the kind in which our objective is to achieve the best possible score. In this last game mode, there is also the option to add a second player in local cooperative mode , which adds even more madness on the screen and, in addition, adds a stake for the scores that it gets hooked.

However, not everything is rosy in The Bug Butcher . Perhaps the main problem is a certain lack of variety in action. It all comes down to killing bugs and more bugs, with little interactivity and variety in the settings. This makes the fun of the game suffer in long sessions, being much more entertaining as punctual entertainment. Another factor that has not convinced us is the precision in the movement of our character, which leaves something to be desired at critical moments, whether we play with a controller (the most recommended), as if we do it with the keyboard. To this must also be added the current state of production, which is far from being that of a perfectly finished game. We will find bugs in the menus and, above all, a simply horrible translation, the kind that make the eyes bleed. Neither would more varied environments or less punchy melodies have been bad for him, although at least it can be said that in the audiovisual field it is fulfilled, although without excessive fanfare.

Taking stock, we are left with his nice proposal and his artistic section and animations, also convincing us his frenetic style of play and the news that he knows how to include with respect to the classic title that serves as inspiration. However, it still presents small defects that prevent it from reaching higher levels, such as inaccuracies in the control, the repetitiveness of situations and scenarios and the lack of care when finalizing the product. Of course, if we take into account the price at which it reaches us, we can only be indulgent with The Bug Butcher, hoping that in successive updates the edges that we comment on will be solved.

Review PC : Toshiba Qosmio X70-B-110, 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4720HQ Processor with Intel Turbo Boost 2.0 Technology, Toshiba TrueBrite® Full HD Widescreen (16: 9) TFT High Brightness with LED Backlight, Hard Drive 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD Hybrid disk, 16 (8 + 8) GB DDR3L RAM (1,600 MHz), AMD Radeon ™ R9 M265X graphics (4GB GDDR5 dedicated memory) with AMD Enduro ™ technology