The Darkness

The Darkness

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  • Developer
    Starbreeze Studios
  • Release date
    25 Jun 2007

The Darkness - A game that keeps you in consistent strain. You should play for Wilson Walker, who has chosen to come back to his old home outside of the huge city. In any case, then our legend finds that there are weird and unusual things in his home. Furthermore, just your discretion and poise will assist Wilson with getting by right now. ****** In the game you will discover incredible melodic backup and a one of a kind environment. You have to discover batteries for an electric lamp, keys from shut entryways, and so on ****** Our group was confronted with the undertaking of improving the game. We need to state that we succeeded. The base necessities of the game, that's the verification.

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AGM score 77%
IGN 7.7
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About The Darkness

The Darkness is released by - in 25 Jun 2007. The game is designed by Starbreeze Studios. The Darkness is a typical representative of the Shooter genre. Playing The Darkness is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Shooter, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay The Darkness will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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The Darkness is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Shooter games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

The Darkness is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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The Darkness - game review

Date: 2007-07-19 14:01:00
The review was based on the X360 version. Also applies to the PS3 version

In the early nineties, White Wolf created Vampire: Masquerade - an RPG system set in the world, the atmosphere of which the authors themselves described as gothic punk. It was deceptively similar to our reality, but on closer inspection some differences appeared. The shadows were darker, the people poorer, the politicians even more corrupt, and the streets scared away with dirty, shabby, often abandoned buildings. You had to look for satisfied, happy inhabitants with a candle; drug addicts, prostitutes, spoiled youth, gangsters, thieves and murderers were usually found. It was only a facade, however. There was yet another world beneath it, a world of conspiracies and conspiracies, a world where supernatural beings slipped by at night, gathered in secret and plotted against each other. This is what the World of Darkness was like: gloomy, dirty and terrifying on the one hand, and intriguing and alluring with its secrets on the other. A dozen or so years later, in 2007, a very similar reality can be found in the game by Swedish Sterbreeze Studios, entitled The Darkness . However, this is not the end of the comparisons - the plot presented in the aforementioned production is a melange of elements of gothic punk and stories from the life of the mafia in the style of a Man with a Scar . If we add a certain ancient demonic power and a story about the curse and possession, we get an amazing, suspenseful game with great potential, which, fortunately, has not been wasted.

The production is a successful attempt to transfer into the world of video games a story known from the comic book series of the same title, which was released by Top Cow in the mid-nineties. Its authors are the uncompromising Garth Ennis (including Preacher), Marc Silvestri and David Wohl. Fortunately for the players, Starbreeze did not make any concessions, gave up the politeness of history and gameplay only so that organizations like ESRB or PEGI would assign the game a lower age category and create a title intended definitely for mature audiences. The characters do not use correct literary English here, violence is ubiquitous, and some scenes are really strong and contain a powerful emotional charge (such as the execution we witness). The Darkness is definitely not a story for good children.

Let's look at the protagonist himself, Jackie Estacado, 21, who has been working bravely in the service of the mafia for several years. Picked up from the orphanage by Don Paul Franchetti only to become an assassin at his service. Deprived of respect for human life, hedonist who cares only for himself and the interests of his mafia family. From an early age he has blood on his hands and he does not hide that he enjoys killing. Besides, he leads a life of a playboy. Nevertheless, it is not without rules, because it pays great attention to the so-called old code - a series of unwritten laws and traditions of the Italian mafia. Unfortunately, the idyll cannot last forever. Jackie is betrayed by his own guardian, who charges a good sum for his head.

However, this is not the end of his troubles. At the same time, he discovers that an ancient force has inhabited him - Darkness. It equipped him with supernatural abilities, strengthened his endurance and allowed him to create powerful tentacles from the darkness and summon from the hellish abyss little demons with a sense of humor equal to their bloodthirsty - darklings. In the present situation, the new skills seem like salvation for Jackie, but it soon turns out that in reality he is only a carrier for the Darkness, a puppet. A fight begins in which death is not the final end. Estacado, apart from defeating Paul's thugs, will have to fight a much more serious battle, and the matter will not be made easier by the only person he will try to protect at all costs.

Importantly, the plot plays a role equal to the gameplay. We are not dealing here with a weak story, which tries at all costs to explain why the hero has to overcome successive hosts of enemies. The Sterbreeze Studios team has made sure that the player always has the impression of participating in the story. This is favored by dialogues prepared on the model of adventures, scenes neatly integrated into the game, during which we do not have to act as a passive observer, as well as a perfectly matched soundtrack, sometimes calm, sometimes transforming into lofty symphonic melodies, and in action-packed moments encouraging us to fight harsh rock sound. The immersion is additionally increased by the well-chosen voices of the characters. Of particular note is Mike Patton, ex-lead singer of Faith No More, in the role of the terrifyingly inhuman Darkness. What he does with his voice, enriched with appropriate sound effects, deserves the words of the greatest recognition. While it may seem bizarre to talk about the realistic rendering of a fantastic creature out of this world, Patton managed to achieve such an effect. If there is ever a movie called The Darkness (and there are some indications that it will), I can't imagine anyone better for the role of the title (anti) hero.

Other characters of the game world are no less interesting. For example, a man with a nice-sounding nickname, Butcher. Contrary to appearances, he is one of the few friendly characters towards Jackie. Due to his profession, in which he cleans up the mess after mafia skirmishes (ordinary work: wiping blood, covering up traces, getting rid of bodies, etc.), he tries never to take sides, but at certain moments he must break this principle. On the way, we will also meet many other people: passers-by, lost old ladies, madmen shouting their prophetic visions, dancing b-boys in the subway, and many other colorful characters.

So far, I have intentionally not written what kind of game we are dealing with. It is not a survival horror (despite some elements typical of this genre), nor an adventure game (although conversations with NPCs play an important role here). The Darkness is actually a first-person shooter expanded with a number of additional elements. The creators had to come to the conclusion that this way of presenting the game world can foster empathy with the hero to an even greater extent. To understand what's going on, it is enough to go to Jackie's girlfriend's apartment, talk to her, and then watch her fall asleep cuddled in the protagonist's arms. There is also another scene, much more dramatic, in which the sight of Jackie heightens the feeling of powerlessness, but we will not write what it is about. Who will play will know.

However, let's return to the merits, i.e. to the game itself. It can be divided into two main parts. The part, let's call it the adventure part, and the proper part. The first comes down to running around the city (two metro stations and their vicinity), talking to people, finding out this and that, and making phone calls and sending letters, which we will write about later. The main part of the game, however, is a ruthless shooting, in which we can use not only firearms, but also our supernatural powers. These, however, have their limitations. Namely, they do not work in light - both daylight and artificial. Our hero, without the support of Darkness, is weak and vulnerable. So you need to provide the uninvited guest with room for action. We will do this by eliminating light sources. Our powers are manifested in the form of two toothed tentacles that gather strength from the shadows and from the devoured hearts of defeated enemies. The colors on their "heads" indicate, firstly, the energy of Darkness, and secondly, the type of skill currently being used. During the game, we will gain access to four.

The first is to send a tentacle spying. We ourselves lurk in a corner, surrounded by an unpleasant looking shield, and the camera switches to the view from above one of the toothed heads. It can move not only on the ground, but it can crawl up walls and ceilings with equal ease. There is also no problem with reaching tight places (for example ventilation ducts). You can use it for orientation in the field or for eliminating individual enemies. It is also useful for opening barricaded doors as it can infiltrate inside the room and destroy the lock.

The second of Jackie's supernatural toys is another tentacle, much shorter than the previous one. However, she can pick up objects, throw them, and pierce enemies, and then make macabre puppets out of them. As our strength increases, the power of the tentacle increases and at the end of the game we will be able to manipulate not only barrels, crates or people, but also throw larger objects, such as cars.

The third power is only useful in certain situations. It allows you to use a special weapon, great for eliminating specific enemies who, when killed conventionally, have a strange tendency to get back on their feet again.

The fourth power, extremely useful, allows you to create a short-lived black hole into which nearby objects and people are sucked. Its proper use can help to quickly clean up quite crowded rooms.

However, Jackie's abilities do not end there. It also has the ability to recall the above-mentioned darklings from other dimensions, which are also divided into four types. The first is a berserker who can help you open some doors or support you in combat. Another is a shooter equipped with a rifle that opens fire on anything that moves. The other two are a very useful creature that deals with the elimination of light sources and kamikaze, which explodes at the indicated obstacles and encountered enemies. Once you've mastered all of the skills, using them in action can be a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, there is no rose without thorns and although the gameplay in The Darkness is addictive, it can also amuse or frustrate the player with certain shortcomings. First of all, there are problems with the artificial intelligence of opponents. Theoretically, they try to hide behind covers and avoid open spaces, but all we have to do is approach them with a tentacle, and they often go stupid and instead of opening fire, they stare at the pace. The case is similar in the adventure part of the game. For at one point, Jackie hears the voices of mafiosi in the distance tormenting some guilty passerby. She decides to help him, materializes the tentacles and kills the gangsters. What does the would-be victim do? She stands paralyzed and does not budge. He can't even say "thank you". She would at least have the decency to cringe in fear ... Unfortunately, there are more such situations. Another time, Jackie finds a conversation between two meaningless passersby. It's about the flying cars of the future or something like that. If we try to approach the speakers during it, they will not react. Ba! We can even push one or the other to the other end of the street, and they'll continue to converse.

We have already mentioned using telephones and sending letters. What is going on? Well, it's about unlocking bonus content (videos, concept art, comics and the like). For this purpose, we must first find the telephone numbers and lists lying around here and there, then send the mail and call the found numbers. Various messages will be played back to us, most of them being variations on the answering machine greeting. It has nothing to do with the plot, but it gives the impression that we are in the center of a real city. There are more similar flavors, such as the inclusion of real movies and music videos in the game, which can be watched on TVs located in the subway and in various rooms. Like nothing, and it greatly enriches the experience of the game.

In the case of multiplayer, it is difficult to talk about a revolution. It repeats the patterns known from many other FPP shootings. So we have deatchmatch, capture the flag and survival. We can play alone or participate in team competitions. The only nice change is the fact that we can play both people and darklings. The former use weapons and are more durable, while the latter are much more physically efficient and faster, but are not able to take on as many bullets as humans. You can also play as a shapeshifter who can take both forms during the game. Overall, this aspect of the game holds up, but doesn't impress.

It's time to devote a few words to the graphic design. It may not be overwhelming, but it was made with attention to detail. It is surprising that the creators of the production of hiding in the dark devoted so little attention to the issue of shadows, which could greatly affect the atmosphere of the game. Of course, it is not that they are not there, but they do not make such an impression as in the Splinter Cell series. After all, it is not bad, and the technical deficiencies have been made up for with design. New York in the game is dirty, ugly, concrete buildings with walls covered with graffiti. The houses make a depressing impression and even the occasional flashing neon lights are not able to add color to the gloomy surroundings. The subway station looks similar, with movie posters on the walls, shabby payphones and sad passengers wandering around waiting for the train. Walking through the deserted streets of New York, we get the impression that we are in a completely different city - theoretically similar to the real one, but in fact representing its dark reflection.

During the game, we will also go to a completely different place - a hellish dimension stylized as World War I. It quickly becomes apparent that this is not a normal world. Red sky, looking like the next creations of Dr. Frankestein, Entente soldiers covered with thick stitches, as well as horribly deformed Germans. Everyone locked in an endless conflict in which the mortally wounded do not die, and the shot return to the battlefield. In the background there is also a majestic castle (which we will also visit) and crosses with strange creatures attached to them. Showing a nightmare war as a surreal combination of phantasmagoria and reality gives an unforgettable effect.

The creators from Starbreeze Studios have already shown what they can do by creating The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. The Darkness proves that they can still surprise and create a production not only with interesting gameplay, but also with a captivating story presented in a truly Hollywood style. The title has an irresistible internal magnetism - it does not allow you to tear yourself away from the console until you see the end credits and it's just a pity that the underdeveloped AI can often destroy the atmosphere built by the creators.

Artur "Metatron" Falkowski




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