The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD - Recensione

Author: Mattia "Zave" Ravanelli
Date: 2020-07-30 21:29:23
Time hides everything, makes only the memories that you choose to preserve from the mists of memory victorious. So The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker has become, over the years, an admirable and inimitable example of style at the service of game design, an arrival point of absolute excellence for Nintendo production and the spokesperson of a generation, that of the GameCube, which has gained value, respect and good words over the years. In particular, with the succession of the following Nintendo lounge consoles, guilty of having polluted the pantheon of Miyamoto's heroes and companions with productions dedicated to "others". After Wii and considering the problems of Wii U, in short, rewinding the parchment of the reminiscences of the times that were often means cleaning it up and dressing it up for the party, as and more than necessary.

When first presented The Legend of Zelda for GameCube, when it was first presented to the public, still without a definitive title, it blew up the then immature but already determined world of the internet. Forums. Newsgroups. And factions. In the summer of 2000 the then new Nintendo hardware was accompanied by the technical demos of a strange Mario (128) and a Zelda (128) with a realistic cut. The walls came down by force of people banging their fists on the table. Twelve months after that demo she was locked up in a chest waiting for other times (those of Twilight Princess): the first Zelda for GameCube would have been ... tender, soft, colorful, soft and boyish. A minute of video to introduce the idea behind what would become The Wind Waker. And the walls came down again, but because the public (especially Western, especially American) began to take them to the head screaming in treason.

Ten years after its original publication, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker can scoff at everyone who dared, poor them, to keep his face. What turned out to be a unique episode in 2003 and a concentrate of style, personality, good taste and imaginative ability, no longer has to prove anything to anyone. Indeed, in hindsight it was the long-awaited "Realistic Zelda" by Twilight Princess to underline how Nintendo works better when it follows its paths, rather than responding to the screams and demands of the public. With all its problems, which were not many but it was not exempt from it, The Wind Waker was a very healthy bearer of Zeldian magic. He did not limit himself to following up on the historic Ocarina of Time, but took the opportunity to tell, once again but for the umpteenth time, the story of a hero in a world obscured by the evil shadows stretched by the silhouette of the evil Ganondorf.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD wants to resume that moment of ten years ago and celebrate it, while trying to remedy the most significant problems that the public had most complained about. But it's not just a celebration: with a stock that is finally breaking up but still far from being able to make the big voice, Wii U needs games with a striking name and an exciting appeal. This The Wind Waker HD could easily represent a whole new title for those who, in 2003, were too young or too far from the world of video games to remember it or have ever tried it.

Nintendo found itself facing a delicate and challenging task for the second time in a few years. But if at the occasion of the Ocarina of Time 3DS remake he had let Grezzo's external team take care of the work, with The Wind Waker HD the workforce was searched directly inside the Kyoto headquarters, with the team EAD supervised by Eiji Aonuma (who debuted as director of a Zelda with the original version of 2003). The results are excellent: The Wind Waker HD is first of all a show capable of captivating the heart as it did two decades ago. The choice of toon-shading (or cel-shading, you see) at the time worked, but today, with the cleaning of the full HD resolution and a completely new lighting system, it turns into a breath-taking visual setting.

If someone says "it's just Wind Waker with two effects", you smile and caress him.

The news does not stop, however, with the graphic design (of which, moreover, it is right to point out some indecision in the fluidity when you find yourself throwing bombs against some enemy in the middle of the sea). The simple and effective integration of the second screen of the Wii U GamePad transforms the gaming experience slightly but decisively. Having the map always at your fingertips, managing the thousands of tools and gadgets available to Link by dragging them with a touch and also being able to aim quickly and accurately thanks to the integrated gyroscopes ... well, it makes the adventure much more fluid and easy to handle. Considering the time that, in The Wind Waker HD, one passes through maps of various types, thinking of playing in the traditional way and without a second screen available becomes almost a sacrilege. Too bad, however, that Nintendo did not make thirty-one, adding the possibility to mark some notes directly on the GamePad, the very essence of The Wind Waker provides for continuous exploration and the amount of secrets, rumors, legends from sailors that must be kept mind is abnormal ... needless to say that being able to mark everything on virtual sheets connected to the individual portions of the map would have been really handy.