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The Movies

The Movies

  • Publisher
  • Developer
    Lionhead Studios
  • Release date
    8 Nov 2005

Egomania. Riches. Blockbusters. Welcome to Hollywood, with The Movies, you can make a vocation in Hollywood and fabricate a definitive film studio to make a definitive film. Pick a content, pick the on-screen characters and the areas or make your own on-screen characters and areas. Check film carriages and shooting areas and contract or fire on-screen characters whenever the timing is ideal; Sit in the director's seat and make your own component movie hit, browse the game's exceptional movies, slice them to your taste, put your own voice or audio effects over these scenes, and spare them to your hard drive. Then transfer your magnum opuses to the web for distribution: The Movies' official overall site and decision in favor of the online honors. Just as making special movies, you can likewise make entertainers, change their appearance and rename them. Everything you've ever found out about Hollywood - from outrages to record-breaking film victories - everything is a piece of The Movies. From no one to film head honcho - become a super rich studio magnate, control all scenes and contract or fire at your will , Are you going to disregard the appeal of your stars? If you don't mind, kindly their massive egomania and permit them to fall brutally enamored, put on weight or perform broad restorative medical procedure? Or then again exercise authority over them is and ruin professions, crush dreams and simply consider yourself? From the plan to the debut - handpicked contents are sitting tight for your green light; Follow the beginning of shooting or shoot these movies yourself, make films as per your inclination or make fresh out of the plastic new perfect works of art. Imaginative, with the most recent innovation or let other studios put resources into. From lemon to colossal victories - make comedies, activity films, war films, sentiments, sci-fi films, blood and gore movies or whatever you concoct yourself. Every kind in its time captivates various watchers; So in the event that you follow the raving success or attempt to offer the pundits material and win grants with your film, the sky is the limit in The Movies - at last, you will be estimated by your movies. Do you have the stuff to distribute your movies on the web or to watch them with your companions? Will your film win an honor and win a genuine prize? Will this game beginning your realistic vocation? Studio powerbroker, headhunter or movie chief - you can do one or these callings. This is the enchantment of The Movies: Two sides of Hollywood, two different ways of playing - In the film sandbox, you can just focus on making films. In story mode, your primary errand is to set up your studio without any preparation. Accept this open door and see whether you have the stuff to make a vocation in Hollywood.

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AGM score 82%
GameSpot 8.2
Metacritic 84
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About The Movies

The Movies is released by Activision in 8 Nov 2005. The game is designed by Lionhead Studios. The Movies is a typical representative of the Simulator genre. Playing The Movies is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Simulator, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay The Movies will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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The Movies is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Simulator games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

The Movies is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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The Movies

Date: 2021-02-01 18:04:41
Film premiere for Peter Molyneux: The old master's mix of Hollywood and hit movie kits is finally in the store. But is the innovative building game also fun?

Peter, Peter, you are our man! You make possible what no one else can: To understand the vision behind The Movies, you first have to understand developer Peter Molyneux. The old master of design has always tried to break genre boundaries: In the funny strategy game Dungeon Keeper (1997) he turns the player into an evil jailer. With Black & White (2000) he combines the construction of gods and creature Tamagotchi. And the role-playing game Fable (2005), produced by the designer, does not value a sophisticated story, but focuses on the hero's moral development. In The Movies, Molyneux now combines the establishment of a Hollywood studio with an editor for cinema strips. Innovative? Clear! But for all their originality, Molyneux's games are never perfect, because sometimes the controls are hooked, sometimes the mechanics creak. The Movies also has weaknesses - but is still an exceptional game.

Every beginning is construction

Breaking genre boundaries, how does it work? Well, basically cautious: The Movies still basically consists of a classic building game. On the wasteland you build a Hollywood studio including an acting school, production office, casting agency and various sets for your films. Your goal is as ambitious as it is simple: From 1920 to 2000 you have time to build the best film studio of all time - with the most successful blockbusters and the greatest stars. Over the decades, new sets have become available to you, including a spaceship bridge and a bombed city. There are also buildings such as PR offices, restaurants and bars. You have to connect houses with paths and decorate the surroundings with plants and statues. Because stars and studio staff only apply when the site looks beautiful.

The majority of The Movies is not about construction, but about the stars themselves. As in The Sims 2, you take care of the wishes of your protégés. Because the Hollywood divas demand high salaries, personal assistants and their own caravan with a nice car in front of them. Typical film stars: As soon as you fulfill the wishes of an actor, his colleagues glow with envy and also make new demands. For this, you can couple stars, which makes the couple's films together more successful. When the actors are under stress, in the worst case scenario they resort to alcohol or overeat. However, this delays the shooting of their films. So send actors and directors on lengthy rehab (to the studio's own drug clinic) or keep an eye on the stars - to get them back to the set immediately when they walk to the bar. This babysitting, however, requires a lot of micromanagement and also quickly becomes monotonous.

Lift and throw

But where do the stars actually come from? Applicants line up in front of the drama school. Left-click to pick up a candidate. Then the roofs and walls of the buildings disappear and menus appear on the floor plans. At school, for example, you throw up-and-coming stars into the subjects of "actor", "director" or "extra". In this way, you also create personnel such as construction workers, janitors and researchers who invent new film sets in the laboratory. To create a script, just throw writers into the typing office. The script will then appear in Game View, you pick it up and submit it for casting. Then throw after the stars, directors and workers, and after a short rehearsal, filming can begin.

The entire interface of the game is based on the principle of “pick up and put down in the right place”. What works well during filming turns into a farce when building a studio: To demolish a building, you have to drag a worker by hand onto a bomb icon next to the house - it couldn't be more complicated. After all, you can right-click on a star or the helpful portrait bar on the edge of the screen to call up popup bubbles with detailed information. In addition, guides show what useful things you can do with the selected person: If a star is hungry, they lead to the restaurant.

However, the overview is lost in densely built-up studios. If a celebrity complains that their trailer is broken, you will have to manually find the trailer because of the useless map. Annoying: You are allowed to pause in the meantime, but not issue any commands during the interruption. In addition, there are heavy reloading stutters even with 1.0 gigabyte of RAM. You will learn how to use it in a good tutorial, and there are also tips on newly explored buildings on request.

The shoot with the stars

Weaknesses in operation, monotonous star babysitting - both of these may sound disappointing at first. But The Movies also has strengths. This includes the dense Hollywood atmosphere: Countless details bring the studio to life. For example, caretakers stare through the windows of the drama school and dream of a career as an actor themselves. You can watch filming directly in the game view. At the beginning, the workers run to the set. There one crew member hops behind the camera, another hits the door and a third holds the microphone boom. Finally the director yells "Action!" Through the loudspeaker and off you go - if no star sneaks away to take a sip from the bottle. In addition to the detailed graphics, good stereo sound and brilliant music also add to the atmosphere.

Another strength of The Movies is the ingenious interaction between the skills of the stars and the quality of the films - every detail affects the success of a flick. Every star is more or less suitable for one of the five film genres: action, horror, romance, science fiction and comedy. Muscular men, for example, are ideal action heroes. In addition, the stars gain experience in the genres by acting in films or rehearsing on a set. So you can specialize the actors in certain film genres. The mood of the stars also has an impact: if you are in a bad mood or stressed, you shoot lousy strips. You can only see how well or badly the actors play in the final rating of the film; the game scenes themselves always look the same.

For a real blockbuster, the stars have to get along well, the expenses for marketing and PR should be right and the film has to have a high novelty value - with fresh sets and previously unknown actors. In addition, you adapt the strip to the changing public taste; During the Second World War, for example, viewers preferred to watch comedies. These details motivate: You want to make better and better films. As a reward, there is an award ceremony every five years, at which the best stars, films and studios are awarded. Prices even bring advantages. For example, if you have the most beautiful studio site, you can pay halved salaries for five years. This is how The Movies keeps you happy despite the monotonous star grooming.

Movie construction site

The heart of The Movies is of course the films themselves. If you order pre-made strips in the scriptwriting office, the writers will spit out a script a short time later. It has a name like "The Bride Wore Blood", the plot is set by developer Lionhead. When a film is finished, you can watch it. However, ready-made scripts often follow the same pattern. Those who make drawings of drawing board books make money, but get bored. So what can you do? Of course, you can use the film kit to create your own scripts - at least as soon as you have built the building in question in the 1950s. There you simply drop an "empty" script in the "Advanced Film Editor" compartment, enter a name for your strip and specify actors and costumes. Then you determine the sets on which the film should play in a clear menu. For the plot, choose from predefined scenes such as "knife fight" or "find corpse". Moment: given scenes? Yes, there are many variants to choose from, but you are not allowed to create your own scenes. Basically, you just distribute the stars to given roles and equip the sets with props such as weapons. Nevertheless, you can put a plot together by cleverly selecting the scenes. (GR)

You can read the full test in GameStar issue 01/2006.

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