Thimbleweed Park - Analysis

Author: José L. Ortega
Date: 2021-02-01 18:10:30
Love is almost everything in life. And of course, there is a lot of that feeling in video games. The creators of these entertainment products usually take out everything that emerges inside them to translate it into their works, which are still a reflection of their personalities. Sometimes, they manage to hit us squarely in our 'potato', making us feel identified or bringing us beautiful memories through affectionate punches in the depths of nostalgia. The latter is exactly what Thimbleweed Park gives us.

In case there are any clueless in the room, Thimbleweed Park is the new of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick , two of the most important champions of graphic adventure video games, who have already worked together in the mythical Maniac Mansion , in addition to putting their stamp in other Lucas Arts titles like the unforgettable Monkey Island . Titles that have contributed a lot to the video game industry during the late eighties and early nineties, when the genre was at its peak. With technological advances, users seem to opt for other types of content, causing the graphic adventures that arrive can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

But no one will be able to erase works like those mentioned - and many others - from memory. And if someone does, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick have come together again to remind us of what video games were like at the dawn of the industry. And most of all, how much fun adventure games can still be, even with that old-time approach, with 2D graphics and fat pixels everywhere. Of course, to go back to our childhoods, the two geniuses had to ask for the support of the public through funding on Kickstarter . Although it took them a longer time than expected, they far exceeded the $ 375,000 they needed to carry out the project, exceeding half a million in collection. After a while of development, Thimbleweed Park is finally a reality.

Thimbleweed Park is a graphic adventure that could well belong to the aforementioned period of the late eighties, since it preserves all the standards of the genre in its time. It is a title full of humor, dantesque situations and twisted puzzles that will keep us glued to the screen precisely because of the superb transmission capacity it has, it shows that the talent of Gilbert and Winnick is still intact. Although it is a title clearly focused on those who once enjoyed products of this caliber, the closeness it gives off is a good opportunity for the youngest to get closer to this type of adventure.

The initial staging can be somewhat hackneyed. A murder has occurred and we must take the role of two state agents who have come to the scene to solve it. It is time to collect evidence and ask the villagers to determine if there are any witnesses and to gather information to find the murderer. But it is precisely in the various characters that we find throughout Thimbleweed Park that the true essence of the story lies. Its intrahistory is simply sensational, because none of the inhabitants of the place is what it seems, leaving everyone the feeling that they are hiding something and causing us to trust absolutely no one. Everyone is a suspect. There are even those who have multiple personalities!

The fabric of the game is broken down as we meet the objectives that are determined for us, being able to remember them at all times simply by taking a look at the notebooks of the protagonists. But not everything is simple, we will have to thoroughly kick the scenarios, have long conversations with characters and try different combinations to find the solution. Basically, the resolution of these puzzles is carried out by pressing a certain order among those shown in the lower left part of the menu, and combining them with the objects that we have in the inventory or with the interactibles on the stage .

One brilliant thing about Thimbleweed Park is that every so often we find new adventure goals. And that's partly thanks to the ability to change characters at all times. In addition to the aforementioned detectives Ray and Reyes , we also take control of three more protagonists: Delores , a young woman who dreams of working as a video game developer; Ransome the clown , a star gone down and turned into a real curmudgeon, and Franklin , a guy who is quite a ghost. We meet the three secondary characters for the first time as a 'flashback' , but the adventure is built in such a way that we end up managing them in the present, having a supine importance throughout the eight episodes of which the adventure consists .

Of course, there is no lack of the trademark stamp of the humor , which is present in every line of dialogue that takes place in the game, full of references, winks and breaks from the fourth wall . We will not reveal too much so as not to gut these graces, but we assure you that you will laugh out loud almost constantly. We must also thank the sensational work of translation into Spanish that the title has, with subtle adaptations so that those less knowledgeable with the language of Shakespeare do not miss a single detail.