Thumper - Analysis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-07-30 18:14:56
If the roach, the roach, can no longer walk, Thumper's space beetle will already run it for her. In the week of launch of PlayStation VR we will have a good batch of titles that serve as an initial catalog. However, we will also find cases such as Thumper, which takes advantage of this release schedule to provide an experience that does not require Virtual Reality, but which is enhanced with the use of this technology on PlayStation 4 (and later this year as a free patch). on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive after purchase on PC).

In Thumper we will get into the role of the strangest creature that we have been in any other video game: "a space beetle that through dizzying speed confronts a giant head of the future". The reason for this confrontation? What difference does it make. Thumper has hidden in its little more than a giga of size many benefits that make it one of the covered in this consolation premiere of Virtual Reality , in addition to being fully enjoyable without it.

In essence, Thumper is a rhythmic action game. Or rather, a rhythmic combat game . Our beetle moves with impressive speed down a lane, in a kind of chase of the shadowy figures. As in most musical instrument games, there will be certain elements that rush towards us . Some of them will be the shiny gems, which we will have to "press" with the X button.

In addition, as the levels progress , divided in turn by sections , new tricks will be activated that are necessary to face this challenging journey at full speed. From skidding around curves to avoid collision with edge elements, jumping some dangers or having to change lanes. Thumper is a game you can't trust. When you think you already master one of the included mechanics, a factor that always increases the difficulty always appears , such as a higher speed or the later appearance of the dangers on the screen.

Because the beetle lives not only in rhythm, each of the obstacles that appear on the screen will have the function of making us explode into pieces. Thumper's beetle, although not explicitly, has a two-fragment life bar . With a crash we will lose our wings, which will make us vulnerable. With a second blow against one of the dangers of this hellish race, lasers included, we will see how we have just been smashed and we have to restart the entire section, not the level. Luckily, completing certain combos without failure will give us a pink sparkling gem, which serves to restore health to the maximum.

Some of the sections in each of the 9 levels (the game doesn't require you to complete each level in one go) have special sections on boss battles . In this case, we have to chain together a succession of bright spots to get a special one that is thrown against the enemy head in the back of us (yes, we know ... it is difficult to understand that in writing, but it is that Thumper it is a very difficult product to define, unique in its kind). Some engagements will even have shields to overcome before they can do actual damage.

Depending on the performance in each section of a level, we will be assigned a score from range C to S , according to indicators such as the number of obstacles overcome, the perfect turns, the deaths (the bright spots?), The number of levels without consecutive failure or level failure without dying. The final objective of the game is to reach such a level of mastery that we achieve a global level of S rank as a result of having done it in all its sections. To make the task easier, the checkpoint can be restarted, but once each section has been passed, the score will be fixed and the level should be restarted completely. Of course, the satisfaction of finishing with the highest possible grade and being able to compare ourselves in the markers with our friends, no one can take it away from us.

As can be seen in the materials that adorn this analysis, the visual style for Thumper is totally psychedelic. It is an orgy of neon lights, colors and visual effects everywhere that due to frenzy we will not always be able to appreciate. It is promised that PlayStation 4 Pro will even bring more glitters on the screen. As for the soundtrack, we are faced with another marvel of composition by Brian Gibson, from the noise-rock band Lightning Bolt . But without a doubt, the most remarkable thing is how the melodies fit perfectly with what is happening on the screen , although the game is so exhausting of how challenging it is, that we really have to be guided more by sight than by ear.

The Thumper offer is completed by the addition of a Virtual Reality mode . Instead of presenting a simple experience, it allows us to fully play each and every level , sharing the save file and making us enjoy the experience as we want at all times. With such a peculiar visual style , so on the verge of provoking an epileptic attack, it adapts perfectly to PS VR . Compared to 2D gameplay, we will see a greater depth of field that allows us to anticipate some dangers that will come along the way and also continues to show light effects that "come towards us". Despite his frenetism and devilish speed, we have not noticed a feeling of dizziness (although this is totally subjective).