Titanfall 2 - Review

Author: Davide "Ambro" Ambrosiani
Date: 2020-07-30 22:07:31
Jack Cooper has a dream: to become a god. Moving with his family from Earth to the Frontier, he suffered the harassment of the IMC, deciding to respond to fire with fire. Volunteer in the militia as a simple rifleman, he witnessed what happens when the Pilots enter the battlefield. Unstoppable wounds that in their passage leave shells and corpses, the Pilots judge the enemy and condemn him to certain death. When the titans rain at the height of the battle, it is the beginning of the Ragnarok. Divine sentences of forty tons, the Titans are the link between the Pilot and a state of semi-divinity. Jack Cooper has a dream: to become a pilot.

Two years after the founder of the Respawn Entertainment series, Titanfall 2 abandons the exclusivity of the Microsoft ecosystem to reach consoles and PCs, accompanied by that particular multiplayer that has allowed him to make room in the hearts of many players. The new cross-platform nature, however, is not the only novelty of Titanfall 2: Respawn comes to the appointment with a real single player campaign, unlike the debut in which it offered a series of online games surrounded by off-screen voices. .. doing everything in the countryside.

The story of Titanfall 2 starts from the Militia's victory over Demeter, thus defining the good and bad of the narrative universe, which is not clear in the first chapter, since the ending depended on the winning team of the last game / mission. With this success, the soldiers of the Frontier are preparing to launch a counterattack for the first time with a special mission, but their fleet is surprised by the IMC and sent en route. Jack Cooper then finds himself thrown into battle in the middle of his training as a Pilot. When his mentor, Captain Lastimosa, is slaughtered by a team of mercenaries Jack is at the center of a handover which makes him in all respects the official companion of BT-7274, a Vanguard-class Titan, i.e. the first series of Titans produced directly by the Militia (evidently those used in the first episode were the result of a game of threads woven under the dashboard).
Jack's colossal companion is not a simple exoskeleton like the Ogre, Stryder or Atlas used a couple of years ago: BT-7274 is a heavily armed artificial intelligence. Cortana, but at the same time Master Chief.

After the due presentations (the first two levels are in fact a tutorial for the pilot and one for the titan) Titanfall 2 accompanies the player along a series of missions that reach the credits six hours later. It is certainly not a glorious performance in terms of time, but overall it is balanced both in terms of rhythm and plot, game mechanics and settings. It can therefore be said without fear that the single player campaign of Titanfall 2 is not an addition made lightly to satisfy those who had missed it two years ago, but a sufficiently interesting story in which Respawn managed to insert all the game mechanics that characterized the gameplay of the first work.

Thus, during the clash with the IMC situations are faced in which it is necessary to employ the ability of the pilots to move vertically within the game environment by exploiting the walls, the jumps and the extreme agility with which they are equipped. In some levels it is not only a possible but necessary choice, so much so that in thanks the good Cooper would have well in citing Faith of DICE or the Persian prince of Ubisoft.

When the player is not forced to joke with gravity he can still analyze the game environments and opt for different approaches: in some cases it is possible to activate a ghost that shows one of the different paths available. In all this, even the colossal travel companion is proposed as an alternative in most cases, plot permitting, without ever becoming invasive when you decide to let him act independently.