Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - Review

Author: Marco Salvaneschi
Date: 2020-07-30 22:10:27
Matters of cute Lara and goat wool, here I am, are your sacrificial lamb. Beautiful were the free-range times when we talked at best about diminutive sheep and oversized cows, with vulgar reference to the disturbing Miss Lara and to the crazy fantasies unleashed even by those two polygons on the cross (and delight) that literally pierced the screen, and there they entered the head sticking into the heart. Or so. Attentions and angles focused practically only on the mythological windowsill, when it came to analyzing the polygonal model of our virtual lover. No one cared about hair, unless of course they covered the aforementioned boobs in an inappropriate way.

Today, however, we are here to split the hair in four. What is extremely difficult, however, when this continues to shake, bend, stand up and mix in disorder as naturally as with all the others. Once it was the braid, today it is TressFX. Très bien: if even digital hairstyles update, it means that we will update ourselves as well.

Even a mere graphic update of a content update which is in all respects this Tomb Raider Definitive Edition nowadays demands a detailed and equally updated analysis. Starting from the terms used: here we are talking about "restyling a reboot", because it seems a little repetita iuvant to everyone, apparently. At the producer 's checkouts, at the developer' s coat of arms, at the penetration of the brand, at the launch of the new - gen hardware, at the console player 's celodurism and at the relativism of the videogame reviewer.

"Everything is relative," Einstein scientifically demonstrated. "You will find that many of the truths we affirm often depend on our point of view," Obi-Wan reiterated more humanly. If the point of view of IGN Italia on the Tomb Raider of 2013, expressed at the time by Zave, is still absolutely valid also for this Definitive Edition and "the bulk" of the game - that is all the fat that runs in terms of updated gameplay Uncharted key - here we try to look at the issue from the new points of view offered by this new version.

Definitive: the fire spreads its flaming aura setting the environment on fire.

First of all, as a must, the graphic point of view, the definitely most important and significant one in this Definitive Edition. Because if in terms of game content you only offer me a little more tomb to explore than the original edition, some alternative costumes to play dressing Lara like a ragdoll doll who spends more than Bertoldo in Limbo, and a handful of forgettable ones Ex-DLC extras confined to the memorable multiplayer section, well, real flab isn't that you put so much on the fire. It is on the level of the virtual flab, however, that this Definitive Edition is definitely playing all its cards in justifying this high-sounding definition.

In short, no more talk, and word of the flab - often blindfolded - of the stoic Lara: is it more sexy and attractive in this "definitive" edition for PS4 and Xbox One or in the "ultra" version on PC? According to the words of the developers, all the new graphic procedures applied above and below the skin to the already delicious heroine, from the new external shaders to the subcutaneous scattering subsurface, make our dear Lara more beautiful than ever, both inside and out. According to my test of the PlayStation 4 version, what immediately catches the eye are the slight touches to Miss Croft's face. A makeover - don't call it a facelift, please! - capable of making the inexperienced Lara's scared and not yet tempered face even more sweet and innocent in the seductive grace of his features, in the captivating cut of his eyes, in the soft fleshiness of his mouth. All framed by a cascade of hair that is more flowing than ever, at the mercy of events (physical and meteorological) just like archaeologist athletics.

In general it is in movement that small improvements give the best of themselves, which is natural for a game that makes dynamism of action its philosopher's stone. Especially now, in the glory in 1080p of the (almost) constant 60fps offered by Playstation 4. It is no coincidence that you find more videos than images accompanying this article, so you can judge for yourself. And so, even if individually not always perceived, here in the whole of the exploration details such as the ice ax that oscillates and the bow that dangles, the light that reverberates and the leaf that dangles contribute to that wonderful feeling of being in perfect harmony and synchrony with the world - of play, in this case.

All very beautiful. But then you go home, and you get a doubt. And put the "old" Tomb Raider from 2013 on your equally "old" PC with a graphics card from 2012. And pump it all "ultra". And you don't notice there's a big difference. So you say that these comparisons are part of goat wool issues, at least from your point of view. Lara is always pretty anyway, and that's enough for you.