Tomb Raider - Analysis

Author: Óscar Díaz
Date: 2020-07-30 17:09:52
We are in 2013 and it has rained a lot since we saw the first analysis of Tomb Raider. So much so that Lara Croft has had to be reborn to look attractive to today's generations. Not only from consoles, but from those who, in 1996, could not jump out of the chair when seeing a T-REX emerge from the shadows. We are facing a full-fledged restart, forced by the times. One of which its managers must be proud.

Tomb Raider , in addition to wildlife attacks, some puzzles and a world icon, is identified with moments for memory. A handful of seconds that have always reminded us of a saga. The angel's leap next to a waterfall, the close-ups of the protagonist against a wall, her two pistols ... are moments that, in 2013, are part of the past. We are facing a new game, which breaks with what we knew from the series.

The new Lara Croft has left the University and started to see the world. They accuse her of being a nerd who does not want to party on vacation and runs away from the beach in search of ruins. Money and contacts are not lacking. He also has good friends, adventurers, who even act as parents. Mr. Croft died, but the family spirit is strong in the heir. So much so, that it is your own instinct that triggers what happens during the more than 10 hours that the new Tomb Raider lasts.

To begin the story, the chosen setting could not be more accurate. A ship, an expedition, and an area reminiscent of the Bermuda Triangle. We are in a traditionally Japanese domain area. The following, unsurprisingly, is a shipwreck. Lara still doesn't have the character she showed in previous games. She is questioned and is by no means the leader she will become. We started almost with an embryo of the protagonist, who promises to become a character. This is the basis of the game, it erases the concept we had and forces us to start from scratch. Lay the groundwork for those to come, perhaps on PS4 , the next Xbox and PC .

About how necessary it was to rethink Tomb Raider , there is little to say. The developers themselves, Crystal Dynamics, took this task as their own in Underworld . For many, it was what they needed a saga that had fallen very low with The Angel of Darkness . But it was not enough and now it was time to relaunch an entire franchise as millionaire as pervasive.

The first thing we do, when the game really starts, is to put on the skin of a survivor. We see this even in something curious. Lara evolves, with skills in three categories. We have a tree that is distributed between combat, agility and survival. Advancing in this means the difference between accessing some points on the map or those that are impassable. The same thing happens with weapons, which are an example of how a system of improvements is made.

You need to go a little bit further to see what the most brutal , violent and adult Tomb Raider in history is like. Far removed from the fables that end up being the Uncharted. Everything is more explicit and it is played with the doubt between logic and the fantastic, as in Indiana Jones, which is its original source of inspiration. You just have to look at the screen for a few minutes to discover blood, dismembered corpses, wounds that do not heal, cold-blooded murders ... It is a title for those over 18.

Join Lara Croft on her journey through 2013 ...