Torchlight 2 - Analysis

Author: Luis López Zamorano
Date: 2020-07-31 00:05:07
It has been made to beg, but finally, seven years after its launch on PC, the sequel to the acclaimed action RPG created by Runic Games, reaches the desktop consoles of Sony, Microsoft and Nintedo in digital format. We have played this new version of Torchlight II on PS4 and then we will tell you what we found and what new features it brings compared to the original version, of which you can know all the details (here we will omit some of them because they are the same) thanks to our previous one Torchlight 2 for PC review.

Same story, new protagonists

The argument presented by Torchlight 2 for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch is exactly the same that we were able to discover in its day on PC. In this adventure we move to a magical world in which the Alchemist destroys the Ember , an element that will be familiar to those who played the first part, the city of Torchlight being the first to fall into the hands of the tyrant.

To end the Alchemist's plans and restore order in the world, we have to fight hundreds of fierce creatures and for this we can choose one of the four heroes that Runic Games offers us: The Magician , specialist in magical attacks; the Berserker , a wild melee fighter; the Engineer , who uses original mechanical inventions; and the Outsider , who is a specialist in ranged attacks. Of course, each type of hero has its special abilities and weapons.

But the heroes of Torchlight 2 are not alone. Next to them is always your pet and this is where the first great novelty of the console version resides. This time, to those already known, we must add an additional: The Yapper , which is not available on Switch. In addition, each platform has an exclusive additional pet: The Fairy on PS4, the Cast Devil on Xbox One and the Unicorn on Nintendo Switch. Of course, all pets can transform and improve their parameters, as in the original, thanks to the use of fish.

Introducing the world of this adventure and its plot, we must say that, as we already anticipated in our final impressions of Torchlight II, the story of the game does not have much of a crumb , but that is not what really matters in this action RPG since what is truly Fun of the Runic and Panic Botton Games title are its mechanics.

A perfect fit

In its day we already highlighted that the true strength of Torchlight 2 was its game system and with its arrival on PS4, Xbox One and Switch there was still the question of whether it would be able to be well adapted. Well, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Those responsible for the console version have been able to take all the good that Torchlight II had and simplify it so that it can be played perfectly with a control pad. Thus, in this adaptation we have a reduced action menu that allows us to assign our favorite skills to each of the buttons on the controller , making the combat of the title not lose the slightest speed.

The same happens with the internal menus of this RPG where we can manage the inventory, see the missions that we have in progress, learn new skills and distribute the skill points. Everything has been grouped in its own tab and is very easy to manage with the remote .

While it is true that when it comes to action, within this genre, there is nothing as comfortable as clicking on an enemy to attack, Torchlight II on consoles has a redesigned target selection system that makes us rarely miss when it comes to hitting. In short, we are facing one of the most comfortable action RPGs to play on consoles .

Old but colorful.

On the other hand, as we have previously mentioned, Torchlight II was originally launched in 2012 and the 7 years ago that could take its toll. But if it does not do it in the playable, it does not do it technically either.

Torchlight 2 preserves that "cartoon" air that characterizes the saga and that, together with the isometric camera, makes it less noticeable as the years go by. The title continues to be fresh to the eye thanks to the colorful and varied settings and the light show that results from some spells and special attacks.

Similarly, Runic Games and Panic Botton Games have made Torchlight 2 perform wonderfully on consoles , with almost no drop in frame rate per second even though there are dozens of giant enemies on screen. Of course, its managers have informed us that the version of Torchlight II for Nintendo Switch has some bugs , but they have assured us that they will soon release a patch that ends the errors they cause.

The sound section of the title continues to shine as much as it did on PC . The music composed by Matt Uelmen , author of the BSO of Diablo, sets the battles and voices wonderfully, although in English (the texts are in Spanish), they represent each character very well. If we have to put a but in this sense, we will say that the range of phrases of the characters in Torchlight II is not very wide , but we have already pointed out that the important thing here is to fight.

Finally, we want to point out that lovers of the genre will enjoy what is cute with Torchlight 2 since we are facing a title that offers many hours of fun between main and secondary missions. Overcoming the main campaign can take approximately 30 hours on medium difficulty (there are 5 different difficulty levels) and, once finished, you can play again using the New Game + or Hardcore Mode , even more difficult since the death in him is final.

In addition, Torchlight II also has cooperative multiplayer on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, although the maximum number of players is reduced to four , half that of its PC version. Of course, even if you play with less people, it is still just as fun to fight, explore and trade with friends.