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Transport Fever

Transport Fever

  • Publisher
    Good Shepherd Entertainment
  • Developer
    Urban Post Production
  • Release date
    8 Nov 2016

Transport Fever is an investor recreation with a railroad center. The players begin fabricating their business in 1850. As a transport tycoon, they fabricate train stations, air terminals, ports and gain cash by interfacing zones that need transport administrations, building complex systems of street, rail, water and air in an unending gaming experience spreading over 150 years. Address the issues of your clients and perceive how urban areas grow powerfully. Supply ventures with merchandise, create total cargo chains and empower financial development. Assemble a transportation realm! Ace difficulties and be engaged in the battles. Two battles with an assortment of missions of expanding trouble are accessible. The missions of the America and Europe crusades tell the verifiable foundation of the nineteenth and twentieth hundreds of years and offer an assortment of practical transport difficulties However, complex railroad and street constructionExtensible railroad and transport stations, air terminals and portsEuropean and America battles with an enormous number of recorded missionsRandom produced, modifiable landscape with sensible measurements Years of transport historyRealistic vehicle reproduction, shading and agingPhysics-based illustrations, lighting and simulationOver 25 requesting successSteam workshop and broad modding support

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AGM score 71%
GameSpot 0
Metacritic 71
resource management
city building and management
pax west 2016
vehicle simulation
train simulator
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About Transport Fever

Transport Fever is released by Good Shepherd Entertainment in 8 Nov 2016. The game is designed by Urban Post Production. Transport Fever is a typical representative of the Simulator genre. Playing Transport Fever is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Simulator, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Transport Fever will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Transport Fever is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Simulator games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Transport Fever is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Transport Fever - Analysis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-07-30 22:46:11
Passengers and goods are not carried alone or by magic, and in Urban Games they make it clear with Transport Fever, a PC title for strategy, management and coordination of means such as trains, ships, buses and planes. Come on, that in the absence of the transport of goods extending to space at some point, they monopolize practically everything.

But let's go by parts. As we already told you in our preview, for which we had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Schretti of Urban Games, we are looking at a game that is focused on the assiduous audience of management games, but which also seeks to show an accessible aspect and a development that invites new users to join the world of games with this theme.

Transport Fever is a logical evolution of Train Fever and the developers themselves, who clearly did not want to innovate only in the field of rail vehicles, but have decided to extend their game system to other types of transport, opening up even more to the public. and a much more complex system of freight and passenger networks. And it is that in the different maps we are not going to dedicate ourselves exclusively to a specific type of vehicle. Do you feel ready to manage everything at once? You better, because we are going to talk about the gameplay first:

This notice may sound negative - when in fact it is not, it is just a simple clarification - but we will not tire of saying it: the intended audience is the one that enjoys games with the screen full of windows, text , numbers and who are seduced by the idea of spending hours sitting down checking that everything works properly. Or, at least, to those who want to reach that point of technical involvement through precise learning that, all told, is quite comfortable thanks to the casual air , the relaxed narration - in English - with instructions and the ambient music of the game. It is not difficult at all to concentrate.

The urban centers, industrial areas and coasts that Transport Fever presents to us are environments that we must connect satisfactorily, and for this we will use different resources, depending on what is proposed to us. Each mission can be carried out at the pace the player sees fit . This has a direct effect on the duration of the title, which given the various possibilities offered by each level, is extensive and variable.

Of course we will have specific and necessary objectives to consider the level to be over, which are gaining difficulty until requiring us to be aware of so many elements that our screen will become a hubbub of windows that we will be forced to drag from one side to the other to have vision of the stage and the operation of the elements.

Thus, we will have large areas in which we will be in charge of making the necessary connections, each of a kind. Keep in mind that not all the time we will be able to do it all, since without going any further, the game is set throughout no less than 150 years of history, beginning in 1850 . A moment in history when we could hardly mount an airport, for example.

There are different tools to assemble our transport networks, ranging from areas of the screen that clarify the objectives to be met to others in which we create connection lines, time control (which can go up to 4x speed), the construction of train tracks, another for the creation buildings themselves (shipyards, train construction centers, bus factories, aircraft workshops ...) and finally, the stations themselves.

Of course, there are several types of each, which we will use as the situation requires (or we are asked to), as well as the tracks, which we will build taking care of the terrain. These can circumvent the water through bridges, but there are turns that are impossible for infrastructures, which will force us to take different routes.

The menus are the base of everything, since the scenes have more informative character than any other function. Thus, the various layers activate for our vision through colors which sites allow connections and which do not in the different sections (they distribute cities by area, for example). When the moment of truth arrives, the process becomes "simple": we can create streets and urban buildings, stations, we create the warehouse (or factory) of the vehicle (there are 120 available ) that we want, we put roads or tracks and generate the vehicles themselves , which we can improve over the course of the game, as well as the stations and airports themselves.

It seeks to achieve the greatest comfort for travelers and the fastest for goods, and when on a map we must meet a series of objectives (which increase exponentially in quantity and difficulty), the challenge is greater, as we have to control the different lines at the same time, find the areas with the most passenger flow ( each one with its preferences , whether in time or in monetary spending) and in general, create our own "empire" of communications by land, sea and air. We have two campaigns: the European and the American, each with seven missions of increasing difficulty. To all this we must add the free game mode and that the game is fully compatible with the mods from the Steam Workshop community, which ensures an even longer life for the title.

We can only talk about one section : the technician . And it is that all these data and tables would be much more boring and dense if behind them a well reflected , beautiful and leafy scenario were not waiting for us. Luckily, this is the case, and although they are not excessively large spaces, we are faced with a surprising level of detail . It is enough to go to each of the buildings (which, by the way, inform us about their year of construction, among other information if we click on them) and go to ground level - everything that Transport Fever leaves us - to realize the taste with which it has been designed.

Details everywhere, very well-proportioned buildings (if possible), streets that reflect life, countryside areas with lots of vegetation, well-created water ... we are looking at a job worthy of admiration from a technical point of view, which does not However, it suffers from the clone of its elements . It is not surprising, and we could not expect each city or area to be unique, but we cannot help noticing the similarities between the objects on each level, at least when we meet at the same time. And is that the reflection of the means of transport goes from less than that of the environment.

As for the sound section, we can only say that the melodies are pleasant and accompanying, without further fanfare. They do their job, just like the narrations in English (or German) and they do it appropriately. Not all games need great sound effects, and this is the case.

This game has been analyzed in its PC version with the ASUS ROG G751J laptop .

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Transport Fever - scene 1
Transport Fever - scene 2
Transport Fever - scene 3
Transport Fever - scene 4
Transport Fever - scene 5


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