Trials Evolution - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-03 15:59:07
Last April, the Trials Evolution video game arrived at the Xbox Live Marketplace, a reference in the Xbox 360 arcade titles, the sequel to the award-winning Trials HD. It was soon placed in the highest number of downloads and best rated, with a very active participation by users both playing online and creating their own designs of acrobatic tracks and mini-games, leaving designs that have surprised their own developers. Since then six months have passed, and RedLynx has decided to extend the experience its first DLC, Origin of Pain.

Upon entering the main menu we will see that the option to play has a star, this indicates that there is new content available. Once inside we can select between the original or new content, Paine Island. Once inside, as was the case in Choque County, we will have several events available which we must overcome to obtain new medals. Regarding being, we must say that they all add up, an important point since if you missed some in the first part of the game to unlock new content, thanks to the simplest tracks of Origin of Pain you can get it. In case you already brought a high number of these from the Trials Evolution , you will automatically have unlocked "unnatural selection", three extreme level tracks.

As we go above the levels, a total of 36 new, we will open the new tournaments, which like the previous ones are based on several tracks followed by different difficulties. All of them with new environments and decorations that will surprise us thanks to the high level that has been put into them. Some of the examples we will see are an old amusement park, a circus in its last days of function, a natural site between waterfalls and meditation areas, apocalyptic places, a cemetery of airplanes, urban places, or sites with various dimensions among others . Of course we are not going to reveal them to you all, you must discover them for yourself.

If ours is the multiplayer, we will also have additional content, since we will have 10 unpublished Supercross tracks. But one of the strongest points that Trials Evolution has always had has been the user community and all the content created by them. True wonders in which hundreds of hours have been invested, for this reason, all these creative minds will have new materials to continue creating new clues and skill games by incorporating static, dynamic objects among other capabilities.

Special mention deserves the BMX bike. It seems that in Trials Evolution not everything will be motorcycles and this is what our developers wanted to reflect. This new vehicle has its own peculiarities, obviously the first of all will be its design. Another visual feature will be when our rider is up on it, unlike on motorcycles, he only needs a wrist turn to open gas and body inclinations for impulses, with the BMX we will also see how he pedaled. Regarding the attributes of the Gecko 520, it will have the maximum acceleration and agility, with almost a maximum level and somewhat slower in its maximum speed, this means that it will not be easy to master but we will have fun with it.

But everything does not end here. Players will also enjoy two new skill games, although some more would have been appreciated. In the first of them we will be fired by a giant cannon, our goal will be to plan to fall as close as possible to the target, yes, it will be increasingly further away. While the second will require much more skill in our hands, we must try to reach the top of a top full of obstacles, increasingly complicated and difficult to overcome, all this without making a single mistake, if we do it we will have to start again.