Trine 2 (Collector's Edition) - Review

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2020-07-30 16:36:52
No, do not look on the top sheet for the analysis of Trine 2 2011. It is a waste of time. The analysis is this! As some clever you may have already imagined, the famous second part of the FrozenByte platform saga, Trine, came out long before your beloved website, IGN Spain.

With all this, what better time than the launch of a full edition, with its official expansion, Goblins Meneace , its first part Trine , the Soundtrack, an exclusive packaging and the odd surprise to review one of the best platform titles of the last times.

Someone could say that it is an exaggeration, but the truth is that here a server of yours, was totally amazed with the preciousness of Trine 2 at the time. At the same time, it should be mentioned that it was one of the titles that best took advantage of a technology that is somewhat dull today: 3D, with permission from Batman: Arkham City : Both the effects of particles themselves and the intelligent use of 3D depths in a game that is still lateral scroll, left us amazed and, why not, somewhat cross-eyed.

For the most absent- minded , Trine 2 is a platform and side scroll game where we will take control of three interchangeable characters, those that disappear to make room for their companion, not like in the great The Cave , where we take the three of them to the same weather. The characters in question stand out for being very well defined, both in their personalities and spinning with the story, as well as in their particular and, of course, complementary skills.

The mentioned characters are a warrior, an archer and a magician, who respond to the name of Pontius , Zoya and Amadeus . Each of them, as we have already pointed out, can perform a series of special actions: Pontius attacks with his sword and protects himself with the shield in all directions, being the perfect character for direct combat. Zoya uses a hook to hang on wood-built surfaces, swing, and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. In addition, it has a bow and attacks from a distance. For his part, Amadeus uses his magic to move objects in the air or create new ones.

But this does not stop here, as Trine 2 incorporates a small leveling system in which the experience points obtained during the game can be exchanged for new skills in a small branch of talents for each character. So much so that Pontius can change weapons, Amadeus move several objects at once or Zoya use more powerful arrows or with more effective side effects.

These three characters have a much more developed charisma than in the first installment of the Trine saga, thanks, above all, to a much better basted script and, above all, narrated as if it were a story, with voice in or of narrated and a story that, a priori, seems more attractive to us. In addition, the interaction between the development of the game, the narrator and certain comments from the protagonists, make it much easier to enter the world that the game poses.

Finally, humor is present at all times in the narration, both in the animations or in the sequences between phases, in the fun dialogues between the characters and their personal stories, such as Amadeo's wife, for example, a character with weapons drink.

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