Tumbleseed - Review

Author: Mattia "Zave" Ravanelli
Date: 2020-07-30 17:49:33
A rolling roguelike, this is the official definition used by the tiny Tumbleseed development team to describe the game, available for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. And in fact one could not find a more fitting combination to enclose in two words the essence of what is a small, delicious and tremendous game at the same time ... as many roguelikes know how to be.

The adventure of Tumbleseed is a climb literally bristling with any danger, very skilful in catching the player in a world of irresistible tones and colors, wrapping him with a minimal electronic soundtrack of excellent taste and, therefore, proceeding to annihilate him with cruel regularity.

Tumbleseed is flowers, joy and joy, at least until it becomes, rightly but all too relentlessly, a storm of big words thrown towards the screen. Because this seems to be the fate of the little hero rolling seed, in spite of himself this is certain, of the terrible trial that awaits him. Fail, fail, fail. And improve, improve, improve. Or at least hopefully.

The idea is simple, simple and, as happens in the best cases, even those that prove effective, spot on and at the same time capable of proving elegant, immediate yet profound. With the two analog sticks of the controller you manage the two ends of a bar, on which Tumbleseed lies, in the sense of the rolling hero of the game. On which you do not have direct control, rather simply setting the inclination of the bar only. The ultimate goal is to proceed as vertically as possible, while avoiding some obstacles and a handful of enemies in the meantime. Which then quickly become many traps and buckets of beasts. Hence a minefield of cruelty and an army of ignoble and filthy beings.

The main obstacles take the form of holes in the ground, to dribble with precision or last-minute kidney shots (so to speak), fighting with the inertia and precision of the control system. Then, however, there are so insectoforms that fly, emerge from the amiable cavities just said, fire shots at Tumbleseed and so on.

A peaceful walk of terror and desire to do better, with the necessary moments of regenerating pause, if you want to avoid setting the controller (or directly Nintendo Switch, if necessary) in the wall next to the TV with power and determination . Or outside the train window. Or another one of these colorful and delicious anti-stress solutions.

To his and our luck Tumbleseed is not left to the total mercy of the cruel enemy. Rather. Here comes the whole superstructure of the game, to be metabolized and then exploited calmly, cold-blooded and ... no, nothing, so you end up wanting to swallow the controller anyway. To try again another time, of course. How does it work? On the ground there are, always and in any case, small rhombuses: real plots on which the leading seed can take root (simply by passing over it) to activate some functions.

Basically there are four different forms that our hero can take, to which correspond as many effects related to the rhombuses on the ground. All these forms use crystals as a coin to spend to activate their function and in some cases it is necessary to pass on more rhombuses of land to finally see the bonus activated.