Two Point Hospital im Test - Diagnose: Retrofieber

Author: Johannes Rohe
Date: 2018-08-31 15:12:00
Two Point Hospital shows itself in the test as a worthy descendant of the iconic Theme Hospital. This spiritual successor is much better than any remaster.

The patients are piling up in front of the dehumidification clinic, our best doctor threatens to quit, a patient who has long since died is still haunting the corridors. And why is nobody actually eliminating this mono-brow plague ? The beasts crawl all around here. Just don't let the health inspector visit!

The daily routine of a hospital manager in Two Point Hospital causes our heart attack risk to shoot up to alarming heights. For management veterans, this is of course no new finding. In 1997, Bullfrog's Theme Hospital proved that business simulations didn't have to be boring or boring. A hospital simulation, of all things, caused laughing cramps and a racing heart at the same time with ludicrous ailments and catchy game design.

The developers responsible, Mark Webley and Gary Carr, had a real surprise hit at the time. Today the two have their own studio - and simply perform the same coup again. Two Point Hospital adheres strictly to the recipe for success of the 21-year-old original, but still plays refreshingly modern. How to reanimate a classic!

The hospital ABC

As a manager, it's your job to build a successful network of private clinics in Two Point County. Each place presents you with its own challenges and usually brings new clinical pictures with it. The mountaineer mecca Tumble not only attracts many climbers who come tumbling into your clinic with broken bones, earthquakes also regularly cause chaos in your house. At Mitton University you are pulling up a training hospital, but you can only hire unqualified students who are better off sending training courses quickly before accidentally killing too many patients.

Before you tackle such comparatively complex tasks, Two Point Hospital introduces you to the matter quite leisurely. In Hogsport you learn the basics of a well-functioning clinic - and theme hospital connoisseurs feel very familiar.

With just a few clicks (and optionally in pause mode), you can move doctor's offices, pharmacies, diagnosis and treatment rooms into the specified floor plan and equip them with medical equipment and decoration. Up to the furniture, many rooms correspond to the original. Only gradually do you learn about new exotic diseases and their crazy treatment methods.

A clown has to cry

Here Webley, Carr and their team show that they have lost none of their wonderful British humor . Foolishness patients in clown costumes are lured into the depressor and mourned in good health, verbal diarrhea is cured in the pharmacy and pot pain by plucking the kitchen utensils from the beet with an oversized magnet.

Diagnosing a new ailment is always a highlight. Thanks to the German translation, the witty descriptive texts lose surprisingly little of their wit and regularly make people laugh. It will be even better if we attend the treatment for the first time. The lovingly animated characters have to endure treatments that made every medieval quack's hair stand on end. Not to mention that the clinical pictures are unique.

Pixel men, colorless people and people with lightbulbs instead of skulls bustle in front of our practices. Overall, Two Point Hospital conjures up such a wonderful bustle on the screen with its coherent cartoon look that we easily overlook simple textures and a general lack of detail in the surroundings.

Let him whistle when he's only working

Because the patients do not get well on their own, we hire staff: doctors and nurses treat the sick, assistants are at the reception and janitors scrub corridors, repair special equipment and catch ghosts when someone is nipped off - they leave ectoplasm stains everywhere else ,

Of course, as a good hiring manager, we don't just look at qualifications (e.g. admission as a psychiatrist) and the salary expectations of the candidates, we also check character traits. We can perhaps ignore the fact that the new resident whistles when he is hardworking and charming at the same time. But we certainly don't put an employee at the reception desk, the sight of which triggers nausea in people alone.

The attention to detail that becomes clear here runs through the whole game. Two Point Hospital looks simple, uses catchy and you quickly learned the basics. However, if you delve deeper into the practical menus, which are only insufficiently presented, you will discover more and more adjusting screws with which work processes can be optimized . We assign employees to specific departments, regulate break times and determine the prices of each individual treatment in order to set up a hospital that is as profitable as possible.

Reaching for the stars

However, this is almost never necessary. If you are only interested in somehow creating a level, you will hardly have to master serious challenges . The account is usually well filled and the mission goals to get a star are quite simple. Once you've done that, you can go straight to the nearest hospital. So is Two Point Hospital too easy?

Yes and no! In each mission we can collect two more stars that are much more difficult to reach. At the latest here we have to plan and optimize better. Or we just come back later. Because we are building a coherent hospital empire, treatment methods, advanced training or marketing measures, which we will only get to know in later missions, will be available in every hospital from this point in time. This is how Hogsport is transformed from a forest and meadow hospital to a special clinic. This means that goals that initially seem unreachable come within reach.

As a reward for completed challenges and cross-career achievements, Kudosh , an extra currency, will be used to unlock new items. Some are just for decoration, others have a practical use because, for example, they entertain your waiting patients. To be on the safe side, it should be said at this point: Kudosh are NOT a premium currency that you can buy for real money.

We need more copy & paste

However, these mechanisms cannot comfort a defect. Two Point Hospital is too repetitive in the long run. Above all, the start of the game is almost identical. The problem is exacerbated by the relatively short playing time of the individual sections. In Anno we spend tens of hours in a single game. At least initially, we will be pulling up three hospitals here in two hours.

And while we routinely place and equip a doctor's office, pharmacy, general diagnosis, the ward and so on, we are longing for a blueprint function that makes this hard work easier for us. The possibility to save room designs and to place the pre-made designs with one click is simply missing.

Carr and Webley missed this chance to make the old Theme Hospital a bit more rounded and modern. They use the other options brilliantly. In terms of richness of detail, humor and sense of play, Two Point Hospital is in no way inferior to the classic, but captures its spirit wonderfully. Graphically and technically, of course, you play on a completely different level. Whether sick or healthy, this hospital should pay a visit!