Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Review

Author: Gianluca "Ualone" Loggia
Date: 2020-03-02 21:15:10
Can I tell you right away? Come on, I'll tell you right away. Uncharted: I liked the Lost Legacy more than Uncharted 4. And I also explain to you in what sense, because 1) it is a more complex speech than it may seem and 2) I know it will seem a declaration of a certain strength.

Let's start from point 1. It is undeniable that, in many aspects, Uncharted 4 remains a superior product. Above all, it is not possible to overlook the fact that the Lost Legacy is a rib anyway: it would never have existed without the "father" game, from which it inherits (albeit with some small and welcome improvements) technology and gameplay. In short, Nathan Drake's latest adventure is necessarily on a higher level, from this point of view, also holding the reins of this DLC / spin-off.

Nonetheless, and here we come to point 2, my very personal experience with the Lost Legacy was more intense than that lived with Uncharted 4. I attribute part of the merit of the thing, paradoxically, to the shorter duration (about seven hours), which - I thought about it on this occasion - it marries wonderfully with the game genre. Where by game genre I don't mean action / adventure titles, nor third person shooters, but something more precise: the Naughty Dog products from 2007 to today. For heaven's sake, I wouldn't subtract maybe half a second to a The Last of Us, probably not even the uploads, but some episodes of Uncharted (including the fourth) maybe a bit more slender I would have preferred them. The Lost Legacy has confirmed to me that it can absolutely last for seven hours. Because he doesn't miss anything anyway. Really, nothing. All the emotions that a "regular" Uncharted can offer are also present here. All of them. Alone, in a narrower time frame. And therefore, also for this reason, better harmonized.

Stunning graphics? There is. And this, probably, is also objectively superior to that of Uncharted 4. Already with the last chapter of the regular series Naughty Dog had done something sensational, packaging what is probably the most graphically beautiful game * of this generation to date . Pardon, until August 23rd. Because on that date the Lost Legacy will surpass it, albeit very little. The graphics engine is practically the same, but the care with which the artists and technicians of Naughty Dog have worked hard on this occasion is incredible. Compared to the basic game, perhaps only a pinch of variety is missing (however present), but otherwise you can be sure that there will be different points in the game where you will stop to emit a spontaneous "wow".

High level writing? There is, and if there is. If the main plot is not likely to be remembered over the years, the dialogues and characterization of the characters will certainly be, which in this spin-off reach peaks of excellence. Not necessarily superior to those of regular Uncharted (and clearly not touching like those of The Last of Us), but at least on those same levels. Throughout the course of the adventure, I had the feeling of a quality that is now familiar, established, but still satisfactory. As if the writers no longer needed to demonstrate who knows what and to underline who knows how: Uncharted and Naughty Dog are now synonymous with well-written stories, there is no need to emphasize it anymore, you can enjoy it and that's it.

* The graphics of Uncharted 4, and now that of The Lost Legacy, are probably the best ever of this generation, but it is fair to specify that a game like Horizon Zero Dawn boasts a comparable level of aesthetics in a decidedly open world structure more complex. And therefore it could easily be considered better overall, from the point of view of the technical realization. So, just because that's always a nice topic.