Review of Uncharted: Lost Legacy - a strong candidate for the Game of the Year

Author: Adam Zechenter
Date: 2017-08-17 09:01:00
The review was based on the PS4 version.

A smile that never leaves your face and the joy of participating in an Indiana Jones adventure. These were my approaches to the next installments of the Uncharted series. The cycle had its ups and downs, but it never got below… a very high level. It turns out that this was only partly due to Nathan Drake, the rogue archaeologist with a rogue charm, and his faithful companion Sully. Casting new - although known from previous parts - female characters in the main roles changed a lot, but did not change the most important. Uncharted: Lost Legacy is a great action game that lives up to the charm of its predecessor and is still a lot of fun.

What's more, in a world where add-ons to games are often content cut from the basic version of a given production, and large story expansions become a thing of the past, giving way to micropayments, Naughty Dog studio is like a defender of the good old times. The Lost Legacy is not a small DLC but a large production of half the size of Uncharted 4 . Without any complexes, it can stand next to the phenomenal Blood and Wine expansion pack for The Witcher 3 or The Old Blood expansion pack for Wolfenstein . Well done Naughty Dog!

Travel educates

The Uncharted series works like a nice travel agency. No other game encourages you to break out of Europe and traverse the wilderness with such power as the next adventures of Nathan Drake. The Lost Legacy continues this tradition and takes us - for the first time in a cycle - to India. We play the role of the Chloe Frazer saga, known from the second installment, and from the very first moment we find ourselves in the middle of a local armed conflict.

The heroine allied with the former mercenary leader Nadine Ross, known from the "four", to get a lost and extremely valuable artifact - Ganesha's Tusk, a Hindu god, depicted as a man with an elephant head. An inconspicuous but even more dangerous leader of the local rebellion Asev stands in our way. The Hindu considers himself a descendant of the medieval Hojsal dynasty and intends to use the treasure to deepen the political crisis. In short, he wants to get it at all costs, and tries to eliminate both protagonists as an obvious obstacle.

Interestingly, the cell is waterproof.

The story in Lost Legacy is not surprising, but it has some - more or less - predictable twists, a few memorable scenes and a handful of hilarious one-liners. In addition , during a few hours of fun, we meet characters from the previous installment of the series . I won't reveal which ones, but the fans should be happy. Make no mistake, however - Nathan Drake chose a different life and the creators did not make this up, saying that his story was closed.

Step forward

During the summer holidays I refreshed the first installment of Uncharted - I was surprised how much it resembled the "four". Of course, there is no stealth or better graphics, and racing by a motorboat was disastrous, but the core of the game remains the same. In this respect, the Lost Legacy also adds little - but that's a plus, because why change what works great? Most importantly, however, the add-on uses the mechanics of Uncharted 4 , which is one of the best exclusive games on PlayStation 4. This should be enough for a recommendation.

The lack of major changes does not mean that there are no improvements and little experiments. First of all, a new heroine has appeared. In addition, the mechanics of opening locks have been introduced - Chloe always has a pin-lock with her and with a simple mini-game we can open various chests with fantas or weapons. A small thing, but it is fun, because thanks to this the world presented in the game seems even more realistic. Our heroin also has a smartphone - with its help, we can take pictures of nicer landscapes in places indicated by the creators.

"Don't get tense, Frazer, you'll live longer."

There were also new guns, although these - apart from the appearance or name - do not differ much from the weapons from previous versions. It is a pity that there was no rotation in the pool of opponents - the strongest enemy is still a man in armor and with a minigun (the bastard is really tough, he can easily survive several C4 charges exploding under his feet). However , there are several - let's call it - bosses in the form of armored vehicles - something similar to a fight with a helicopter in the second installment of the series. Fighting them is quite fun, and one can also be defeated from hiding.

I got the impression that the intelligence of our comrades was also slightly improved - they can still behave not very reasonably while sneaking, but probably to a lesser extent than in the "four". I like to deal with enemies from hiding, so I paid particular attention to this aspect of the game. Also, the enemies from the show are getting more and more kumaty. In Lost Legacy, they can see that their friend has disappeared, and when they find his corpse, they sound an alarm. They behave similarly when they see our jeep - even if we are not in it, they know that we are nearby. On the other hand, when we shoot the enemies while hanging from the slope, they step on the heroine's fingers to throw her into the abyss. Cwane!

A living world

As it was said - the replacement of Nathan Drake with Chloe Frazer, which has so far appeared in two installments of the series, did not negatively affect the game. The said heroin neatly slipped into the shoes of her ex-lover. She's witty when she needs to be spiteful, and her relationship with Nadine Ross (she made her debut in the "Four"), although completely different from Nathan and Sully, is just as fun to watch. The knowledge of women has its ups and downs (there was a juicy fang in the nose!), But that's what we expect from a well-written story. After all, the story of their "friendship" is not surprising, but why would it? Hope to see the Chloe-Nadine duo again.

Our map ...

Probably many people wonder if Chloe is just Nathan in a (symbolic) skirt? In a way, yes - the girl turns out to be resolute, has a sharp tongue and is good at climbing. However, the more time we spend with her, the more her personality becomes more melancholic and reflective than that of the eternal boy Drake. Probably someone will be disturbed by this, but I appreciate that the creators managed to create a similar and different character at the same time. This is another example of the success of Naughty Dog's cautious approach.

The biggest advantage of the next installments of the Uncharted series is not only the graphics, nice shooting mechanics or heroes' creations. These are important elements, but I appreciate the cinematic nature of this story the most. Moreover, unlike even the best movie in Naughty Dog productions, it is the player who makes the story. Even if it was written by the creators and leads us by the hand, it doesn't take much to get carried away by the illusion of participating in a great adventure, like Indiana Jones or the older Mummy . A great role here is played by the great design of levels, which - even if they lead us along the path marked by the creators - do not make such an impression at all.