Undertale - Analysis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-03-02 20:08:37
What do you look for in a video game? Let us all ask this question. The one that more or less begins to have an age and our hours begin to quote upwards and our availability more and more downwards. The economic-temporal paradox. As children we have all the time in the world but we have no money to buy those desired titles, while as adults we have some collections that are wonderfully left on the shelf, with no time to enjoy them. True, this reality is unfair but it is the times we have to live.

But even so we take time from under the stones, we steal hours from sleep, we squeeze the most of our calendars to get some precious holes to enjoy our hobby - let me call it that. But, again, why do we return to take command again and again? What is it that pushes us to spend hours in front of the screen again? The response of each one can be very different but allow me the license to focus on an increasingly common type of profile in this videogames and within which I include myself and feel totally identified.

Disenchantment, frustration, disappointment, disappointment ...

... are some of the feelings that this player profile has been experiencing in recent years. The greats of the industry have abandoned them, they have turned their backs on us. What this player profile is looking for is far from the interests of the triple A focused on a single goal, magic. We are not referring to the Piro ++ magic but to the magic to balance their balance sheets and profit and loss accounts. Very legitimate. Correct, we buy the speech, companies are there to make money, but for better or worse this has led to super productions becoming increasingly aimed at a casual audience. This affects all strata of the industry and crosses every known genre as an unstoppable tsunami. Not even the resource of remastering manages to solve the problem. At a blow of 50% nostalgia and 50% bile the community polarizes to criticize the lack of creativity on the one hand, and praise on the other that they transport us to times past, that pinch us in our childhood to remember those days in which everything It seemed easier.

They make us lower the level of demand , that pessimism becomes our modus vivendi, that we positively highlight things that should not be so. We are here to evolve, to prevent a generation of consoles from lasting a decade - again. We are here to experiment, test, make mistakes and rectify.

And in one of those you get a game like Undertale. Hit without mercy, catching us with the pants below the knees . We are shaken to remind ourselves that we are still alive and that we must not lose hope, that there is still room for us . That today we will have the opportunity to highlight something beyond an "immense world to explore," "an incredible graphic design," or "how wonderful is the nth installment of the SAME hero in search of defeating the SAME villain."

An indie game . Beloved and criticized almost equally, but the truth is that they are the most tempted to explore new formulas, new paradigms and new ways of posing the player-videogame relationship. Studies are more dependent on funding than a large study. It is all or nothing, if the game is not successful, the study is closed and something else.

5000 dollars. This is what Toby Fox asked in Kickstarter to finance Undertale for that already distant June 24, 2013. He raised $ 51,124 from virtually 2,400 patrons who trusted a project that was presented as a traditional RPG where nobody has to get hurt . A figure not negligible but more than enough for a game developed by a team of two people - we added Temmie Chang to the equation - developing the game on Game Maker Studio , a tool on which works such as Hotline Miami , Gods Will be have been developed Watching or Hyper Light Drifter .

The game was launched a little more than a year later on PC and, from now on, good reviews began to emerge, making it one of the best games of the year as well as one of the most commented and broadcast by the community. Without going any further in GameFAQs I end up being considered by its users as the best game of all time ahead of classics like Zelda: Ocarina of Time .

A traditional RPG?

Let's go back to the definition of Toby Fox: traditional RPG, let's stop here. Undertale does not reinvent the wheel in his approach . In the past there was a war between humans and monsters. The humans, victors, locked the monsters underground and the only access door to this infested place was hidden deep in a mountain. Our innocent character ventures into that mountain, accidentally falling to the depths of it, next to the aforementioned door and crossing its threshold. Objective? Of course, escape from the area we just accessed, the world of monsters is no place for our avatar. From now on Undertale presents a series of characteristic elements of any RPG. Puzzles, conversations, objects, objectives and combats. Nothing new under the sun, right?