What Remains of Edith Finch - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 23:07:30
Giant Sparrow, those responsible for Unfinished Swam, offer us What Remains of Edith Finch, a title in true walking simulator style that invites us to live the peculiar history of Edith Finch's family. A unique proposal that is, in addition, the first Annapurna Interactive game, the attempt by this Hollywood producer to enter the world of video games, which is also exclusive to the console for PS4, although it does have a PC version.

It is difficult to try to explain this game without going into spoiler terrain, since the gameplay and the plot of the title go hand in hand from start to finish. We could limit ourselves to the general lines and the starting point: We are Edith Finch, the last of a family lineage, who returns to the house that has sheltered her family for generations. Upon arrival there begins our journey of exploration and discovery, which will take us to live the final moments of a good handful of Edith's relatives. We will do it naturally, touring the house and entering the different rooms of this peculiar location. The history we live is experienced not only through the testimonies of family members, but also through what the stage tells us . The interactivity of the environment may be very limited, but it is a minor detail, since what is important here is not 'playing', but knowing the story that Giant Sparrow tells us.

And it is not only that what we are told manages to interest and even excite, but also in the playable it is interesting, as the narrative varies and what we do in each of the stories of each member of the Finch family. Again, going to unravel each of the differential mechanics of each portion of What Remains of Edith Finch could be considered a spoiler, although we will talk about one of them: at one point we will become a sort of game changer Thrones, getting into the skin of different animals that chase their prey (something similar to what we saw in the presentation of last year's PSN games). An example that shows that Giant Sparrow has tried to do something different, within the implicit limitations of this type of games (which limit our path and possibilities to a continuous advance and discovery of history).

The journey takes about two hours , without us having too many reasons to repeat the experience, more than to unlock a couple of trophies. A pity, although it is worth living the story that we are told, which is capable of touching the player like few other stories in the video game world. Its ending may not be exactly the best part (midway through the narrative is its climax), but it doesn't disappoint at virtually any time. Despite this, we believe that What Remains of Edith Finch is worth the almost € 20 it costs, for the only thing that results at almost all levels.

Regarding technical realization, we find an extraordinary artistic treatment, with a series of unique settings, different characters and a sound that manages to put the accent on the most particular moments of the production. However, there are a couple of drawbacks in these respects. On the one hand there is the irregular performance of the game, with some popping in certain elements of the stage and small jerks when loading a new stage. It is uncomfortable, but its significance is limited. As for the sound, the soundtrack and the effects are outstanding. However, the dialogues are only in English (although the voice actors have done an excellent job), making it a bit more difficult to follow Edith's narration, although her words always appear overprinted on screen.

In short, before us we have a different story, narrated in a unique way. As a counterpart, it is a fairly short and not very replayable experience that, in addition, not everyone will like, for that reason of just taking us almost by the hand because of its narrative. If with this in mind, what you have read so far interests you, go ahead, it is one of those titles that excites and leaves a mark, despite the passage of time.