Windosill - Analysis

Author: Gina Tost
Date: 2020-07-30 19:49:57
That Windosill is a puzzle is the only thing that is clear to us. From there, each player experiences it in a different way, since there are no instructions. We must discover, through interaction with the touch screen or the computer mouse, that our small locomotive must open the door on the right by placing a cube hidden by the screen, as a key. It seems easy, and when you find the solution it seems even more, but until you find the logic to the world of madness created by the artist Patrick Smith, you can be interacting non-stop.

The game is wonderful. Both graphically, where the elements range from the most surreal to the most Dadaistic. The movements of the game are fluid, with logic, treated with love. It reminds us of those interaction parks that babies use: rubber bears, clothes flowers, rattles, ticking watches, etc. It is a playground for adults and with a purpose: Slice your head until you find out how to get out of the room.

Absolutely. Puzzles may not be your favorite genre, but you will feel like a kid again trying to crack the codes for each monster on the screen. There are crazy things that must be played at least once in a lifetime, and for how much it costs to find different games, this is a great option. Its biggest drawback is that it is short and not very replayable, but even so it is an indispensable.

By Gina Tost, IGN Spain mobile editor and IGN Spain FM coordinator.