Wipeout 2048 - Review

Author: Lorenzo Antonelli
Date: 2021-01-26 17:00:17
It would have been a great WipEout, 2048, if only it weren't mainly the angry, daring and all too excited "epileptic" guerilla warfare that it is in fact. With the latest from Studio Liverpool, it is painful to admit, the search for the perfect lap (for many, but not all, the essence of every wipEout) fades in a noticeable way, here extremely "corrupted" by persistent explosions and by that strong fervor of war that you breathe in the air of the AGRC With WipEout 2048, in other words, you have to reinvent yourself as pilots and always start driving with a knife between your teeth: raising the nose of the ship and scratching on the barriers, as it was once done, becomes a a completely ancillary practice, not to mention a habit or an old heritage. The urgency, in 2048, seems to be mainly to nuke the opponents on the pitch, with all a deadly fervor that until the other day seemed unrelated to the series of Psygnosis and Studio Liverpool. Peace to their souls.

The style is unmistakable: Studio Liverpool.

WipEout 2048, in hindsight, would be worth much more than its vote at the bottom and it can reasonably be said that the latest (in every sense) by Studio Liverpool is the best, most technological and futuristic one has seen so far on PS Vita . It's just that, of all those published since 1995, this is not the best WipEout, the most emblematic, enjoyable and fulfilling one. Let me be clear: WipEout 2048 goes strong, very strong, and once again produces synaesthesis as not even a universal sensory deluge. However, if he had grazed the wall of sixty frames per second rather than settling for thirty, the repeated overexposure to psychedelic color sequences, luminescent explosions and mind-disrupting music could have been even more overwhelming, mesmerizing and divine. Yet, the discourse on mere speed here does not hold up: while you touch the sky limit at just under three thousand hours, WipEout 2048 seems to transcend the universe, the future of things and even itself, becoming pure intuition or, if you prefer , a seven and a half video game.

At first, the renewed width of its ten tracks (for five stables and different types of shuttles for each of them), in addition to the metropolitan setting (the tracks show the signs and signs of old road transport) and retro (we are in the three years 2048/2050, the years of "prohibition") destabilize all the trajectories, the typical maneuvers and in general the nano-reflexes developed by the Pure-ists. The Anti-Gravity Racing Championships of 2048, in fact, is a war with no holds barred, one of the most heinous, convulsive and agitated, which does not even leave time to take a breath between a stomach-twist and the next lock-on on the opponent. Proceeding at maximum speed, the new WipEout thus ends up having a whole new breath, perhaps even too labored and anxious, together with that pungent smell of gunpowder that permeates even inside the hovercraft cockpit. As if to say, in short, that WipEout 2048 shows itself technically exceptional and graphically stunning (the direct comparison with the Pure / Pulse tandem would be unfair), yet it is overall less satisfying than the two on UMD. Not to mention the sublime and balanced HD version, which thankfully is available on PS Vita as add-on content. Only on condition that you shell out € 12.99 more than the price of the game (thus obtaining both WipEout HD and Fury single player campaign modes, all 24 tracks - including 12 in reverse and 4 tracks for Zone mode - and all the 24 ships plus one Zone ship), in fact, WipEout 2048 changes appearance, improving the gameplay, as well as in terms of longevity. An onerous but necessary investment, it seems.

Light ships, in the total war of 2048, will have a hard time.

After all, a bitter taste remains in the mouth, for a WipEout too focused on Combat Mode, which only rarely dispenses glimpses of beautiful driving with airbrakes and roars in release. There remains a lot of it, bitter in the mouth, because the standard control system of WipEout 2048 (the alternative is to tilt the console to steer and to accelerate with the rear touch pad) is a very high quality and precise business, absolutely accessible for newbies and at the same time very greedy for dedication to commands. And again, its soundtrack is invariably "right", with 14-track remixes of The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Underworld and Future Sound of London among others, as well as certain game menus and all the widespread design that they border on the future, indeed they double it.

Lorenzo Antonelli , Editor of IGN, recognizes in WipEout - in any WipEout - the aesthetics of the perfect code and the genesis of a better future. Get him a patch and some ice on Twitter or Facebook.