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World in Conflict

World in Conflict

  • Publisher
    Sierra Entertainment
  • Developer
    Massive Entertainment
  • Release date
    18 Sep 2007

The third world war has begun and the Soviet Army is carrying out an unexpected assault on the United States. Order your soldiers and face in quick conflicts on a completely destroyed war zone. System and activity offer a blend in this epic clash of the superpowers! Terrifyingly conceivable single player strategic cutting edges through genuine urban areas, rural areas and cities of America, Europe and the USSR. Order air, barrier, infantry & bolster powers in four distinct situations in this extreme online group based multiplayer scene. Incinerate front lines with your predominant big guns and meal your foes with napalm, atomic weapons and other strategic 'tools'.

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AGM score 93%
IGN 9.4
GameSpot 9.5
Metacritic 89
modern warfare
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About World in Conflict

World in Conflict is released by Sierra Entertainment in 18 Sep 2007. The game is designed by Massive Entertainment. World in Conflict is a typical representative of the Real Time Strategy (RTS) genre. Playing World in Conflict is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Real Time Strategy (RTS), there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay World in Conflict will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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World in Conflict is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Real Time Strategy (RTS) games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

World in Conflict is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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World in Conflict in the test - great solo game and brilliant multiplayer

Author: Daniel Matschijewsky
Date: 2007-09-14 18:09:00
The developer Massive combines with World in Conflict a grandly told solo campaign and brilliant multiplayer battles in one game.

Cold War is an attempt to contain or suppress the dominance of an enemy country with economic, political and propaganda means - at least that is the boring definition. The Russians find it too boring why they suddenly turn the Cold War into a hot war in 1989, surprisingly invade Seattle and overrun the USA within a few weeks - the scenario for World in Conflict is ready. Well, that may not sound too imaginative, but the developer Massive ( Ground Control ) did an excellent job. Even more: Such thrilling multiplayer battles and exciting solo missions combined in one game have not occurred to us since Warcraft 3 (2002). Why is it still not enough for a strategy reference? Continue reading ...

The Americans clean up ...

The first disillusionment comes when the campaign starts: You can only play on the American side. The Russians are reserved for the multiplayer part. The anger quickly evaporates, because the developers have staged the 14 orders with great ideas and versatility. Even the first mission beats Command & Conquer 3 in terms of speed and diversity: They destroy enemy tanks, liberate encircled soldiers, secure a depot, take out infantrymen entrenched in buildings by artillery strike and pulverize anti-aircraft guns.

There is no idle, instead you get continuous new and main tasks in the 30 to 60 minute missions, which often cause surprises. For example, you should take a church and hold it until the superior suddenly shouts into the radio that you should immediately disappear there. Not a second early, because suddenly an enemy bomber is plastering the area with napalm. The new mission: to recapture the neighboring village and defend it for a while. Here, too, the tide turns when a bombardment destroys an important bridge. Since you never know what to expect, each mission becomes a unique experience.

... with real heroes ...

In the campaign, you control the young Lieutenant Parker, who meets minor characters who have a pleasingly sophisticated character compared to other current strategy games. There is, for example, your supreme superior Colonel Sawyer, a tough, thoroughbred soldier who doesn't like opposition, but is basically a kind-hearted person. Or the fearful Captain Bannon, who - as much as can be revealed - is given the opportunity to demonstrate genuine heroism in the course of the plot.

The fact that one builds an intimate relationship with the characters is mainly due to the excellently staged cutscenes in game graphics. For example, Sawyer picks up a squeaky tourist map to explain his tactics just because he doesn't have anything better to hand. Bannon, on the other hand, has to deal with his father, a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who lowers his son on the phone instead of mentally assisting him in the crisis. With such characters, it is no wonder that one suffers when one or the other gets into a dangerous situation.

... and all kinds of devices

But how does it all play out? World in Conflict does not need a basic building. Instead, you use a limited cash account in each mission to order infantry, tanks and helicopters that are dropped over the desired area a few seconds later.

However, this is not possible everywhere, because only if you penetrate the enemy area and conquer strategically important points will the landing zone for replenishment also grow.

When a unit is destroyed, its value slowly ticks back into your account and you can order new troops. On the one hand, the developers ensure balanced battles (tank rushes are eliminated) and on the other hand increase the tactical depth. Ordering supplies not only costs money, but also time. So if you use your resources carelessly, you are standing at the wrong moment with your pants down.

Would you like something more?

If your own troops are not enough, you need more Kawumm. To do this, call support in the form of artillery, napalm and cluster bombs or similar destructive equipment. However, you only have to earn this by taking over areas, completing tasks or destroying enemy units. Tactics are also required here: How large should the attack be? Are vehicles, foot soldiers or helicopters the target? And above all: will these move? If you give the order, depending on the strength of the attack, it may take up to 30 seconds before it pops. If you have made a mistake, the projectiles will go nowhere.

Unlike the Command & Conquer series, the super weapons are not just a trivialized spectacle of effects. On the contrary: when the US President sees no other way out of a mission than to wipe out a small town overrun by the Russians with an atomic bomb, each of the game characters has to fight with this decision. The pilot who is supposed to pull the trigger also whispers trembling "I'm afraid". Not just him: When the bomb falls, a cold shiver runs down our spines.

Do you know our bonus system?

Whether it's a super weapon or just an enemy soldier, losing units is extremely annoying. Thanks to the genre-typical experience system, vehicles and infantrymen deal more damage over time and gain additional life points.

If you have to order new troops, on the other hand, you will be sent to very young beginners. Almost every unit has an offensive and a defensive special ability. The American Abrams tank, for example, can damage armored vehicles with special bullets or smoke with it to escape the air-to-surface missiles of a Russian Hind helicopter.

There are no sea units, the battles in World in Conflict take place only on solid ground. The battles remain very manageable due to the mentioned resource system and the limited number of units. The slaughter atmosphere is still at a consistently high level. The reason for this are the numerous AI-controlled colleagues who, in missions apart from your actions, repeatedly engage in spectacular firefights with the Red Army.

Can I help you in any way?

In terms of operation, many a strategy game can cut a slice of World in Conflict . Just maneuvering across the battlefield (using the WASD buttons to move the camera, using the mouse to adjust the incline and height) is so easy that it's a real pleasure. The user interface is also well thought out and clear - ideal for beginners. Professionals, on the other hand, enjoy useful shortcuts with which they can issue many commands in a short time.

Also practical: You can save freely and choose one of three levels of difficulty before each mission, which are very well balanced. Only the learning curve is a bit too steep for the developers. After the easy entry, you have to deal with several sources of fire in parallel in the third mission - strategy newbies should be overwhelmed.

More comfort

Although the controls in the solo campaign are already working extremely well, the developers go one step further in the multiplayer section. There is a text and voice chat integrated into the game as well as convenient command abbreviations, by means of which you can ask for support at the push of a button as in Battlefield 2 , report enemy sightings or simply thank you for the help of a team member. Also nice: if you have just collected enough bonus points for super weapons, you can share them with allies.

The long search for an open multiplayer game is also eliminated. Since there is no basic structure, you can join a running battle at any time without fear of disadvantages. In short: a strategy game has rarely been so accessible when it comes to online battles with human players.

More players

On a total of 21 cards you can choose from three successful multiplayer modes (see multiplayer box). The four different character classes have an impact on your playing style: the infantryman moves into combat with foot soldiers who hide in the woods and, depending on the type, can take on helicopters and tanks. The tank driver uses heavy equipment, is faster on the move, but is defenseless against air raids. These come from the Air Force officer, who goes into battle with nimble helicopters, but cannot score any points. Last but not least, there is the supporter who, apart from a slow but extremely powerful artillery, deals no damage, but instead supports his colleagues with anti-aircraft and repair vehicles.

Thanks to this rock-paper-scissor principle, perfect teamwork of all classes is essential. In the long beta phase of the program, this worked well between anonymous players. Even in the home network, the interaction of all classes is a lot of fun and allows a lot of different tactics, especially since World in Conflict scores with well thought-out functions. For example, when you join an ongoing battle, the game recommends character classes that are not yet in battle. And if you cannot find enough players for a large-scale match, you can use the so-called Few Player? Option to distribute many classes to a few participants or fill the gaps with bots, the class and game characteristics (from aggressive to defensive) of which you can determine yourself - great! We have not yet been able to test server stability and connection speeds because the servers were not yet online.

More brains

In the solo campaign as in multiplayer battles, AI is the biggest problem in World in Conflict - albeit at a high level. The program, in particular, occasionally creates difficulties for larger unit groups. You can switch between block and line formation at the push of a button, for example, to let your troops cross a bridge. However, if AI-controlled allies are added, the units often stubbornly tilt into each other - all that is left is to laboriously break apart by hand.

World in Conflict has also affected the annoying real-time strategy sickness that units sometimes fail to notice when neighboring allies are shot at - making the five-year-old genre reference Warcraft 3 better. Otherwise there is no reason for criticism: the opponents use their different types of troops and super weapons sensibly and usually go aggressively on a conquest. We did not notice any unfair actions.

You can read the full test of World in Conflict in GameStar issue 10/2007 or online as a pdf in the magazine archive.

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