World of Warcraft: Legion - Análisis

Author: Gustavo Maeso
Date: 2020-07-30 22:57:39
Legion is the most interesting expansion of all the Blizzard has released for World of Warcraft. It is curious how, as the years have passed, the way of telling the stories, of involving the player within the plots of the game has been improving, at the same time that his avatar was overcoming dangers and becoming the influential figure that is today. We can perceive evolution in the way in which the characters treat the player, the hero, how their responsibility and role in the events that follow have grown more and more. It has been a subtle evolution, which started with Warlords of Draenor, but which is fully evident in Legion.

Not much to expect in Legion for the old WoW player, at least not in the deep game structure. It doesn't matter if we are level 1 to 100, there are still wolves to kill and bushes to harvest : there are things that will never change. Admittedly, the appearance of the artifacts adds a new layer of character development, replacing lifelong talents and making this not dependent on level, but also on the equipment you collect in dungeons or raids. It is also true that there are changes in the use of glyphs (now they are only aesthetic) and that they turn our progress in the professions upside down. However, these are all minor changes, created to slightly vary a system that has little to do with the stiffness of Vanilla's talent trees. In this regard, Legion is a tremendously conservative expansion.

Equally conservative are the Broken Isles, the new continent that opens before us . No area, possibly with the exception of the city of Suramar, is original or offers limitless beautiful, alien and fantastic locations. Maybe coming from another planet like Draenor has affected our sensitivity, but we also remember the exoticism of Pandaria, even the baroque locations of Cataclysm, and we cannot help but feel a bit disappointed with what we see.

Let's see, let's understand each other, we are not talking about the zones being bad, ugly or not matching the story that Blizzard wants to tell us in Legion, but his designs always remind us of another previous zone of Azeroth and they always seem less spectacular in comparison. Only when they give free rein to fantasy and work with really new themes is it when we see beautiful, captivating settings, such as the Chambers of Valor, for example. Except, as we've discussed before, the city of Suramar, the ancient capital of the Night Elves at the dawn of Azeroth's history. Creating a busy area for the most part in such a beautiful city has a very special meaning, as it delves into the world of urban adventure while doing an exercise in mental archeology and becoming fascinated with what this breed was capable of. built 10,000 years ago.

It is here, in this type of concepts, where we must take off our hats before the work we see in Legion. This expansion is dedicated to those who read the text of the quests, who care about getting to know the characters and why they do what they do. In Outland we try to understand the origin of the draenei, in Northrend, the dwarves and the titans; in Draenor what mattered were the orcs, their fall as a race under the evil influence of Gul'dan. However, in Legion what we are going to see is how the Night Elves (and by extension those of Blood) were, how this proud and powerful race caused the entry of the Burning Legion in Azeroth, of the coming of Sargeras and of how the world was broken in ancient times.

All this legacy of destruction for which some elves, such as Tyrande or Malfurion, are still blamed, has a clear personification: Illidan. We could say that the Demon Hunter is the plot of this entire expansion, since everything revolves around his figure. The Burning Legion wants to get his body back while it seems that the meaning of his golden eyes is finally clarified. Everything points to the fact that this tragic figure will play a fundamental role in the future of Azeroth and it is time to begin to understand her, to understand her motives.

This directly connects with the appearance of the new class for the players: the Demon Hunters . We will not dwell too much on the playable novelties that this brings to World of Warcraft, you can read our special about it, but they do represent the perfect counterpoint to understand all the sacrifices that Illidan had to make. Among the members of this class is a special brotherhood created with the bonds of pain and loss, with a desire to do whatever it takes to save Azeroth from the Burning Crusade. The figure of Illidan, the great enemy of the Burning Crusade, becomes something else in Legion, a sad and lonely figure who has been forced to give up everything and who has everyone against him, despite the fact that only wants to do the right thing.