World of Warcraft: Legion - Recensione

Author: Tatiana Saggioro
Date: 2020-07-30 22:57:50
This is the first part of our World of Warcraft: Legion review. Despite our experiences with the alpha and beta versions of the expansion, we will take some time with the finished game and on the "real" servers before expressing our final judgment on the product. In the meantime, we have many things to tell you about Legion, make yourself comfortable.

If you have already read this part and want to know our final judgment on the expansion, the second and last part of the review begins here!

With this sixth expansion of World of Warcraft, Blizzard is playing his best cards. And, as she likes to win easy, in this fluorescent green cocktail that is Legion she has put the right ingredients to rekindle the passion of her fans, many of whom had been strongly disappointed by the previous expansion. We therefore have Illidan, the Demon Hunters, a growing plot that will surely reserve us more than a surprise (perhaps bringing us in front of Sargeras), a fleeting appearance of Queen Azshara, iconic weapons, a gameplay that is varied in content, a visually spectacular setting. The elements are all there, the awareness on the part of the developers who cannot afford yet another misstep is tangible as well as the enormous work done to make Legion present itself at the debut in great shape.

And how did this debut go? I'll tell you about my experience when opening servers. While in Dalaran above Kharazan, ready to assist Khadgar who in a blink of an eye will transfer the floating city to the coasts of the Broken Isles, considering the seconds that separate me from midnight, not even if we were at New Year's Eve, I can't help thinking about these nine months of Beta and wondering if the tests carried out to simulate the launch, to avoid the most serious inconveniences, will have served.

Around me there is an air of excitement mixed with concern, but there is not that huge crowd that instead crowded outside the Dark Portal at the launch of WoD. The "new technology" fielded by Blizzard has, in fact, made it possible to redistribute the players, imperceptibly for us, in the less crowded servers, thus avoiding the most serious latency problems and the total collapse of FPS. At the stroke of midnight, while hysterically clicking on "accept" to the message of the quest that appeared suddenly, with shouts of joy as if I had won a gold medal at the Olympics, we were teleported to the other side smoothly. Impossible to avoid a minimum of latency, but it was one of the smoothest launches I have witnessed. A smooth launch should be the minimum union, but in reality, especially in online multyplayer titles, it is not always a guarantee. Evidently, as Garrosh said to Gul'dan, times change. Times change!

Already from the first moments on the scattered islands, in fact, you breathe a new air because the approach to these first phases that separates us from reaching level 110 is new. First of all we are not immediately catapulted into the starting area, we must first venture out in search of our Artifact, a weapon that will accompany us throughout the expansion (but we already know that it will not follow us in the next) and we are not talking about any weapons, for some classes it is some of the weapons more iconic and desirable in the entire Warcraft saga such as the Ashbringer or the Doomhammer. And this is already enough to increase the salivation of many players ... it is no coincidence, in fact, that the class enclave of the paladins was among the most crowded during the beta phase.