World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria - Análisis

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2021-01-27 06:02:48
Not a year ago Blizzard announced the next expansion for World of Warcraft and we are already playing Mists of Pandaria. Time flies, and in Azeroth even more so.

In less than a year, the world of World of Warcraft has gone from facing its cataclysmic annihilation at the hands of Deathwing to immolating itself in a factional war of uncertain outcome in Mists of Pandaria . With the destruction of Theramore by the Horde - on the orders of Warlord Garrosh - a large amount of content and news has been launched, ranging from a new race to a continent, through pet fights and the inevitable reviews of skills and talents that Blizzard has us used to, among many other things. We proceed to assess them.

The story of our Pandaren friends until they came to us in Mists of Pandaria reminds 'very much' of what happened with Machete, the movie. They came as a joke on April Fools' Day in the days of Warcraft 3, and made their first cameo in an inaccessible area of a map in the Frozen Throne expansion by Chen Thunderbeer. So much was the 'hype' generated that they soon became one of the most popular races in the saga, even one of those expected in the very initial launch of the game eight years ago. With each expansion they have been rumored about their arrival, always placing them on the side of the Alliance, but when they have made an appearance it seems that they have thought better of it and want to be able to choose which faction to join. They are the first race that can fight for both the Horde and the Alliance.

Once we have finished with the curious note about its origin, we have to talk about design. The Pandaren far outweigh anyone we've seen so far, including the Worgen and Globins from Cataclysm in all their aspects - animations, expressions, and looks. In addition, the character editor has been remodeled for the occasion. In each and every one of their pixels they exude the peaceful serenity that characterizes them and which they display in their philosophy of 'buenrrollismo'.

The Pandaren's greatest contribution to World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria is the new class, the monk. A breed by itself is not a great addition, they are just a new aspect to play with but the same as always, right? In this case, and luckily for the players, the new race brings together a hybrid class of combat, tanking and melee healing. Monks use energy like Rogues, with whom they will share leather armor. But also, Chi points with which to perform your most powerful skills. To get these Chi points, we must perform other skill actions that will charge them.

This new Chi system ensures that the player does not stop pounding buttons at any time, since in order to perform the best skills, you must first execute others, and once you spend the points, you will immediately want to have them again. Undoubtedly the versatility of this class is a great addition to the game, by expanding the already wide cast of fighting classes and reinforcing the less popular tanking and healing branches that are so necessary and that thanks to the game mode of the monk become an enjoyable way to deal with WoW . Can you imagine healing with blows? With the monk you can.

Special mention should be made of the new continent of Pandaria, which, as might be expected from the name and appearance of the Pandaren, Blizzard has not been complicated and has created around it a world according to the one that panda bears in freedom actually enjoy. Pandaria is a huge island full of lush bamboo forests, great valleys and Chinese restaurant calendar or postcard stamps, even a great wall! The overloaded oriental style that we can see in Mists of Pandaria both in the scenarios and in constructions almost, and I say almost, makes us forget that we are with such a long-lived game and such a limited graphics engine. Luckily Blizzard in this aspect is very capable of deceiving the eye by making us feel the famous animating effect, that is, as a whole everything seems very beautiful, but analyzed one by one all the components of the stage we see how poor they are, and if not it is poor it is a glutton that consumes FPS by a tube (lowering the performance in some moments alarmingly).