World of warships - Análisis

Author: José L. Ortega
Date: 2021-02-01 19:19:45
Wargaming is still in its thirteenth year of putting war on the world by whatever means. World of Warships comes to offer a new approach to warfare after the immeasurable success with World of Tanks and the good acceptance received with World of Warplanes.

In case you don't know what these types of products are about, we tell you that it is a line of MMO titles, where we reflect different types of combat by measuring our skill and patience against players from all over the world, with the sole objective that our team is victorious from confrontation.

The first thing that is appreciated from the first contact is the care with which the studio has tried to recreate these war machines. We already checked it 'on the spot' when we traveled to the Wargaming offices in St. Petersburg last May. Those responsible for the title are passionate about the marine world, and have spent more than two years trying to capture with total fidelity in the video game what their life is for them.

And, how could it be otherwise, these naval fortresses are the ones that take the spotlight. There are quite a large number. Although we will start with discreet boats, as we put hours in we can get new boats. Remember that it is a free-to-play title , although it includes the option of acquiring vehicles or upgrades through microtransactions.

On the one hand we have the Aircraft Carriers , which can transport four types of aircraft (bombers, torpedo boats, scouts and fighters) and have the ability to direct several squadrons at the same time. Then we have the Destroyers , who compensate for their light armor with swift and swift movements. We also have at our disposal the Cruises , which could be the most balanced type of ship, also having a good line of defense against air attacks. And finally, the Battleships , which despite not navigating too fast, have ample resistance and devastating cannons ready to do good damage to enemies.

The choice of our warship is not something we can take lightly, as it will have its consequences depending on the characteristics of each ship.

World of Warships has the usual game modes of the MMO genre, so we will not find news in this regard, although it really does not need them.

This tactical approach has a direct impact when it comes to contesting this particular ' Sink the Fleet '. The movement of ships varies enormously depending on the type of boat that we have chosen. Not only that, but its design also influences it. We will have to be very aware in which area of the ship our guns are located to deploy the ship accordingly, letting ourselves be carried away by the tide and aiming thus orienting the location of our firearms.

Although hitting the target is not easy. Keep in mind that ships are in an environment that is constantly in motion, so calculating the distance and the possible route of action of the enemy is vital to hit the target. Many launches will be lost in the blue of the sea until we control this simple and demanding mechanic.

The maps can also be decisive for the novice, since they are truly wide , causing that sometimes we find ourselves sailing the high seas without seeing anyone around. Although the HUD guides us at all times to the location of what is happening in the entire scenario, it may be that when we get there we will find that all the fish sold.

At first this system is quite chaotic and impractical, only by arming ourselves with courage and patience will we master it perfectly . But not everyone has these qualities, so it is difficult for this marine adventure to have the same impact as World of Tanks . But this is nothing more than pure speculation. Time, and the support that Wargaming offers the game will give us the answer.

In addition, here it is practically essential to work as a team to achieve victory. For this reason, it is advisable to establish some guidelines in advance and that each component of the squad select a different type of boat. This is very difficult when we do not play with acquaintances, and although it seems a trivial fact, it can directly tarnish the gaming experience . If there is no balance and you work with coherence and a minimum of tactics trying to conquer strategic points, we assure you that there is nothing to do. Unlike in World of Tanks , here the vehicles are, of course, much slower. Therefore, if we are cornered by one or more rivals, there is practically no escape.

The title, yes, responds really well in the short distances once we master the wheel perfectly. When numerous crews meet, the show is assured. Especially if they take advantage of the use of the extra elements, which can allow us from requesting air help by means of airplanes to quickly recovering from the damages suffered. World of Warships combines several approaches that work well when they should.