XCOM 2 - Review

Author: Claudio Chianese
Date: 2020-07-30 23:29:01
They attacked us. They took our houses, our cities, our friends. They forced us to hide while they deceived humanity with their lies. But today is the day we take the Earth back. And it is also the day when I talk to you about a strategic made as God commands, the worthy heir of a saga that we enthusiasts have never stopped loving.

XCOM is not only a beautiful series, it is a beautiful story. The progenitor of the saga, a creature of the brilliant Gollop brothers, practically invented a genre from scratch, mixing turn-based tactics, management elements and the great epic, never out of fashion, of the alien invasion in a single cauldron.

One of those games that remain: I still happen to talk about it, with some friends over a beer. "Do you remember, that time ...": and it is the time when a lone hero triggered a grenade and blew himself up in the midst of a swarm of Chrysalis; is when the recruit on her first mission rescued the wounded captain, carrying him on the shoulder amid the deadly glow of plasma weapons; is when we built our Avenger, and then yes, those damned aliens began to tremble.

Then follow more or less interesting (more Apocalypse, less Terror from the Deep). And also spiritual followers, from Aftermath to Extraterrestrials: pleasant games too, but which were not XCOM. Until Firaxis arrived, and decided that the best way to honor the great old man was to rejuvenate him. Do not limit yourself to a remake, as the most conservative fans were clamoring, but find the courage to improve what was already almost perfect. A feat by climbers from the Andes, given the premises. Still, the Firaxis guys threw their hearts over the obstacle.

The result was a faster and more immediate style of play, a lean structure, which however has not lost even an ounce of strategic depth and, indeed, has smoothed it with painstaking attention. XCOM 2 is the heir to this venture. Now the challenges are very different: fans have understood that Firaxis is serious, and they already know what to expect in terms of mechanics. It is therefore a question of repeating success by expertly dosing the new with the classic.

Let's start from the new, that is, from the setting. If you have followed even a little development, you will know it by heart now. Earth has been invaded, defeated and annexed to a mysterious alien empire, which governs through its human collaborators, the ADVENT. Except that these "humans" are not really humans, as it turns out in the early hours of the game. And, moreover, they seem to have obscure plans for the future of all of us: the Avatar project. What is not spoilero, but be sure that it is far more threatening than James Cameron's blue humanoids. The fact is that ordinary people, coaxed by the promises of alien technology, show no sign of rebelling: it is once again up to XCOM, therefore, to act as a revolutionary vanguard. Just like the good old Lenin said.