XCOM: Enemy Within - Análisis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-07-30 21:55:34
XCOM Enemy Within is not an expansion to use. In fact, it is difficult to apply the usual definition we give it in video games, although it does exactly that. The best comparison that comes to mind is the equivalent of what Blizzard does with its games and expansions, in which it is not limited to adding a chapter to what it already had, but rather seeks to alter the very bases of the game, adding Playable elements that redefine the entire experience.

The good thing about this XCOM expansion is that it allows you to play the game from scratch with new features, which add depth to the already complex complexity and richness of the original game. It is not a handful of extra missions in which you can do something different, but it directly attacks the entire structure of the game, revises it, modifies it, increases it and makes you win in game options, which, being a game of strategy (basically), upsets a delicate balance. On the other hand, we are talking about one of the best games of its genre that we have seen in a long time, and we all know what happens when you start playing something that already works and is well-liked. How do you feel about these changes? Does it enhance the original experience?

The three most important changes introduced by XCOM Enemy Within are Mixing (a new resource) and genetics and robotics laboratories, which will allow us to vary our units by providing them with cybernetic improvements and altering their genome. Genetic alterations can be applied to different parts of the body, such as the chest, legs, skin or eyes, to achieve different effects, such as a more penetrating gaze (which translates into a greater possibility of becoming critical for a sniper. ) or a transparent skin, perfect for stealth units.

On the cyber enhancements side we have a new unit called MEC Trooper. This is not adapted to stealth or subtlety, but is about real bad beasts, with great resistance and ability to do damage. Giant exoskeletons that we can continue to improve by giving them new and more powerful weapons. Authentic assault forces perfect both to withstand the bulk of an attack and to produce much of the damage in a mission, depending on the focus and evolution that we want to give them. To create all this new technology, a new raw material has been included: the Mixture . An extraterrestrial substance that is the basis for creating all these new modifications. It is also a treacherous resource, since it is relatively scarce, although the improvements it offers are substantial.

But where does all this technology come from? What supports the changes in this XCOM Enemy Within ? The emergence of a new faction of enemies, EXALT. This group of independent mercenaries stands between humans and aliens and tries to take advantage of itself. To do this, he tries to take advantage of all the technological and genetic improvements of the aliens, wait for the conflict to destroy both sides, and then stroll to collect the ripe fruit of the tree. A bit like Cerberus, from Mass Effect, but with a more selfish touch. These will be new enemies to fight against, not only active enemies that we will meet throughout the missions, but we will have to make efforts to find and liquidate, since they will hinder our activities.

The EXALTs will try to sabotage and rob us. IF we ignore these threats, they will end up being successful, so we have to search and infiltrate their bases using spies and then we will face missions to destroy their terror cells. All of this while fighting the alien threat, managing our resources, researching improvements, and making decisions, which can now be irreversible thanks to the new Iron Man option.

Worse, there are many more new features, since the new missions involve the appearance of more scenarios (something in which XCOM Enemy Unknown fell somewhat short) and modification of many small details, adjustments in the gameplay to make the games a little more fluid and there is no dead end, there is always a loophole through which the player can escape ... if he is smart, beware, here they do not give anything away.

Finally, there is the chance to win medals if we meet certain special objectives in each mission. These medals can be awarded to a specific unit, allowing it to achieve unique advantages. Of course, all these changes not only apply to the campaign, but multiplayer benefits from them. Fewer maps, it's true, but all the new upgrades and units will appear so that we can make our lethal squad to face us in the online war. The customization of the game is brutal and the new options have only added depth to the gaming experience , enhancing the feeling that you have to choose a path and inviting the player to explore new ways of playing new approaches that make it radically different. do it one way or another.

José Manuel Bringas is a collaborator of IGN Spain.