Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - Análisis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-07-30 23:31:16
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D may be the longest adventure you will find in New Nintendo 3DS. It is difficult to imagine that there would be another game with its extension and content and, of course, if it had not been a conversion of a Wii game, it could never have existed. His intention is clear: to provide a differentiating game for the new Nintendo portable console and, of course, to create interest in the face of Xenoblade Chronicles X, for Wii U, its spiritual successor.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is essentially a desktop game . It does not invite short games, but rather long gaming sessions. It is not a game that can be divided into small doses of content. Its segments are long and complex. You can not spend it in a few hours and then complete with secondary tasks: it is a game that approaches hundreds of hours and that, if we start squeezing it, we will have about 200. This, no matter where you look at it, is a real fool. If you are looking for a relationship between quality, quantity and price ... go ahead, this is your game by a long margin.

However, it is welcome to recognize that if you have already played Xenoblade Chronicles, this Xenoblade Chronicles 3D may not be as attractive. First, too little time has passed for a reissue, even in another format like this. He has not had time to miss him , but is still in the memory of many players. What's more, Wii U's backward compatibility made many people keep looking for the original and, to this day, it has not finished yet.

On the other hand, although the conversion that Monolith Soft has made. It is magnificent, it must be recognized that it is not as beautiful and spectacular as the desktop. It is true that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D has huge and majestic scenarios , that it has a rich and complex combat system, that invites you to try it from different prisms, with different characters, and that this makes it a most versatile experience, but in the end We have the unsolvable problems of picking up a desktop game and, as it is, snapping it onto a laptop.

Let's not fool ourselves. Xenoblade Chronicles was one of the best JRPGs of the past generation, evolving a genre that seemed stagnant (and there we have a Final Fantasy XV as a gifted student) and Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is still, in essence, that same game . Its structure is well reminiscent of that of an MMORPG, but designed for a single player. Its scenarios are gigantic and we will have to cross them on foot, although the maps are full of markers to which we can teleport; invaluable help. The cities, in addition, are full of inhabitants who walk at different times of the day and offer us all kinds of missions.

What's more, these side quests aren't there on a whim, instead they bring us up to affinity with different factions, unlocking new missions with better rewards, and most importantly, they make the relationships between the side characters improve. We even have the opportunity to make some decisions that influence your life and change your personal relationships. The complex network that unites non-player characters, in which we see how friends and family get along with each other, gives Xenoblade Chronicles 3D an enormous depth, giving us the feeling that we are not only in an organic world, but a real one. Side quests make us feel attached to the people of Bionis and, in the end, we discover that we really care about helping them and saving them from the mekon threat.

That's one of the greatest hits of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D - it gets the player really involved in the game. It achieves this by making us care about its people, but also through the landscapes, the beautiful settings that it gives us. How can we allow the callous claws of the mekon to trample the endless plains of the Leg of Bionis? Will we let his technological embrace taunt the spectacular Makna Forest?

The duration of Xenoblade Chronicles 3D makes sense, since it is not an empty length, but full of things. The vast terrains are full of creatures that inhabit them, creatures that often ignore us, but are there, simply hanging around. Throughout the first hours of the game, the link between the player and the world of Monolith Soft is gradually forged. As we discover new areas we marvel at the diversity and magnificence of Bionis and, in the end, we endorse the cause of Shulk and his friends.