Yo-Kai Watch 3 - Review

Author: Alessandra "Aelinar" Borgonovo
Date: 2021-02-01 18:17:41
Two years after its debut in Japan, the third chapter of the famous "little monsters" themed series - spirits, in this case - also reaches Europe, ready to surprise fans with many new features that can offer a breath of fresh air to an already solid structure. Before getting to the heart of the review, a quick premise: Yo-Kai Watch 3, unlike the previous game but similar to the original, is divided into three versions. Sushi, Tempura and Sukiyaki, each containing unique Yo-Kai to be obtained only by connecting the three editions together. In Europe and America, however, it was all wrapped up in one package, probably because despite the fanbase, sales compared to Japan are not at par.

Having said that, let's start the adventure, which this time will see our young protagonist Nathan busy on the American front: his father has to move for work and obviously the rest of the family with him. It's a little funny that Nathan Adams of Springdale is exalted by this new life in the USA, especially since the location of the previous ones was done to give the adventure a more Western flavor and now that we are actually moving to the United States the situation is slightly confused.

The first novelty of this third chapter, after the transfer of Nathan and family, is the introduction of an unprecedented playable female character, at least as far as video games are concerned: Hailey Anne Thomas has in fact already appeared in the Yo-Kai universe, debuting in the 77th episode of the animated series. Here we will take on his role as detective with the task of helping both the Yo-Kai and the people tormented by them through his detective agency, flanked by the faithful Usapyon. The two adventures take place respectively in the USA for Nathan and instead in Japan from Hailey's point of view, but they can be played in the same game, simply by changing characters at the save point. We wrote can, in reality it is a must to finish both stories - closely interconnected - to unlock extra content.

The most appreciated update by the players concerns the combat system, which introduces the Tactics Medal Board: where the Yo-Kai maintain the characteristic of attacking automatically, and heal themselves in case they have the relative ability, for our part we must manage the whole situation through the use of Yo-Kai medals and their arrangement along a 3x3 grid. Avoiding enemy attacks, healing altered statuses, obtaining extra items, even activating special moves, it all comes down to our ability to manage medals. If that's not enough, then here comes the boss fights, each characterized by unique interactions aimed at making the combat system a little more complex without forgetting the fun.

The differences can be minimal or large, of the size of a fight against a giant robot: not knowing exactly what you will encounter from time to time keeps your attention alive, offering the game that touch of novelty that was beginning to lack and at least in the West it could be among the reasons for an ever less felt enthusiasm.

Like every chapter of the series, Yo-Kai Watch 3 also introduces some new elements in terms of "little monsters": obviously, having flown overseas, we have an unprecedented American typology, as well as a tribe and a series of Legendary Yo-Kai ready to enrich our compendium. The evolution and fusion system remains to get stronger Yo-Kai but the brand new Build-a-Nyan is introduced: this feature allows you to customize your Originyan not only in purely cosmetic terms (appearance, clothes, accessories, tails) but also behavioral, because each Originyan created will behave differently. In addition it is possible to determine the tribe, choose the skills, teach them the techniques ... in short, your Originyan is a real blank canvas that can take a few hours to be transformed into a single painting.

Where Yo-Kai Watch 3 particularly shines, however, is in the incredible amount of extra content: not only will you be able to enjoy a revised, more expanded and ultimately much more convincing version of the less fortunate Yo-Kai Watch Blasters, called Yo-kai Watch Busters T, but we can count on both the return of the well-known Terror Time with a slight change in its main mechanics and greater difficulty at the highest levels, and on the brand new Zombie Night mode: armed with a hammer we will have to survive an entire night against the hordes of "undead" - always in Yo-Kai form - that will haunt the streets. Not to mention the numerous mini-games that will occupy our time but in return will reward us with rare prizes and even Yo-Kai. Level 5 definitely knows how to entertain its players without bringing out boredom, but one element in particular strikes in the exploration phases.

If the absence of secondary objectives beyond the simple story leaves a little disappointed, it is also true that running along the streets of the city different situations can occur that do not represent secondary missions per se but in some way involve us, more or less directly. . Among these, it could happen during the night to meet a creepy clown - curiously similar to Ronald McDonald - whose only goal is to kill us. Seriously. It's the classic cat-and-mouse game but its speed and the fact that it only takes one hit to eliminate us makes the whole situation rather anxious. Or maybe it's just the choice to use a clown for this test of survival. Either way, the unpredictability factor plays a huge role in keeping attention always high, just like in the case of boss fights.