Yomawari: Midnight Shadows - Review

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2021-01-26 21:16:09
NIS says it from the beginning. This is an experience that requires playing in the dark and fully focused on what is happening on the screen. To this we would add playing it with appropriate helmets to guarantee total immersion in this survival horror full of exploration, spirits and kawaii characters. But don't let its aesthetics fool you, Yomawari: Midnight Shadows is a dark game, visceral in some cases and full of something that the Japanese love so much, free scares.

After the launch of Yomawari: Night Alone barely a year ago for the Sony laptop, NIS returns to the fray to take advantage of the pull of the saga to bring us this second installment. Without being a continuous delivery, he respects and inherits practically all the aspects with which Night Alone garnered those good reviews. Reviews built on the foundations of a very well crafted setting along with a better execution of a classic survival horror style in the purest Silent Hill , Resident Evil or Project Zero style with the touch of helplessness style Frictional Games .

In Midnight Shadows we put ourselves in the shoes of Yui and Haru. The whole story revolves around the axis of friendship between the two characters who have been separated after the disappearance of one of them while walking through the forest near their city at night - who can think of ...

After the introduction, a story of exploration will begin along a much larger mapping than that of the previous installment where we will also incorporate the interior spaces . Lantern in hand we will begin to visit each and every one of the places in our city to bring the two friends back together but, despite walking the streets at night, they will not be alone.

As any good survival that boasts the enemies will form a natural element within the scenarios. Spirits of all kinds, sizes and shapes will block our paths, they will stalk us in the corners and they will assault us in those moments when we feel safer . Indeed, we are facing the most remarkable point of Midnight Shadows, its setting.

We opened this analysis by highlighting that developing a good setting is key to fully savoring the terror that NIS's work offers. Free scares will be the order of the day, deep and disturbing noises that will lurk in any place are penetrating our subconscious as the minutes go by decimating our ability to advance and becoming more conservative in our exploratory eagerness. Our only weapon against spirits will be our legs and our stamina. We will have to run and look for a place in the map to hide, be it bushes or posters. Some spirits will listen to them, as if they warned us of their future presence, some we will see them directly when passing through a certain area or when turning a corner giving us the good jump scare of rigor and others we will detect them by the intense beat of our alert heart . We can also mislead the spirits with some items and sneak past to avoid being detected.

As we said, between scare and scare, between race and race, we will have to gather clues to find out what is happening in our village and bring together the two friends who have been separated in strange conditions. To do this, we must focus 100% of our time on moving forward and exploring through the web of avenues and alleys looking for the right path to reach the next point in the labyrinth. This element of exploration is losing steam as we progress through the story and, despite incorporating elements of exploration indoors, it does not guarantee the same intensity as during the first stages of the adventure.

All seasoned with a wonderful Japanese aesthetic that allows a setting and total immersion in Yui and Haru's concerns and fears. The design of the stages looks at a great level but, above all, the design and presentation of the spirits. Flashlight in hand we will focus on the different scenarios in our path, finding ourselves in many cases with the spirit before our noses, incredible. The BSO puts all its intensity in the sound effects. The disturbing moans of the spirits will give way to stressful walks through the streets and alleys of our village, accompanied by the pounding of our hearts.