Yuppie Psycho - Analysis

Author: Ángel Almansa
Date: 2020-07-31 00:38:38
There are people who cannot bear the idea of playing scary games. People who with the slightest start drop a tear and relieve themselves. But at IGN we are brave and brave gamers who are not intimidated by anything (we know the ancient technique of hiding under the covers to ward off evil), and we bring you Yuppie Psycho, an indie developed by Baroque Decay (Count Lucanor) and published by Another Indie.

It is a survival horror with graphic adventure elements , with a lot of terrain to explore and a level of fear suitable for all stomachs . Yuppie Psycho has been available on Steam since past (and recent) April 25.

Skin-deep tension

As we have said and as the most important element when we start talking about Yuppie Psycho, we have a level of terror that is quite accessible to all audiences. It will satisfy both those who entertain themselves by playing Silent Hill at night with all the lights off and listening to the soundtrack of The Exorcist, as well as the poor person who skips a heartbeat when an arrow (if they can be called arrows) to bolt sizes) he gets caught off guard in Anor Londo (Dark Souls, in case he catches you on foot changed the reference).

Yuppie Psycho has the innate ability to always stay on the verge of fright, he is able to keep us in tension without exceeding our limit, but without loosening a bit. A peck after peal of jumping out of the chair and crying inconsolably in a corner. Although more than once we do have an adorable bug to say hello, but we will be so busy trying to not eat us that it will be impossible to do anything but run to save our lives.

One of the things that attract the most attention in Yuppie Psycho is its artistic side . Baroque Decay's work makes use of pixelated graphics for everything, including cut scenes, but with a detail that amazes anyone. In the cinematics it has a very anime style where the pixels stand out but for how well they are worked, giving a lot of quality to the visual facet of the title. While we are controlling the protagonist of the adventure, everything becomes more pixelated, almost common, but with a range of colors that help a lot to differentiate the level of depth and detail. Yuppie Psycho has scenarios with many elements, which endow them with great diversity and with which you can interact, and which rely on graphic details to often hide the clues of the puzzles.

We have discussed the graphic support that scenarios give to the stress effect. And we are going to see everything, a lot of blood, gore, flashing lights, etc ... but without a doubt the 'worst' thing is the sound . The audio is what will make us be on the verge of a nervous breakdown, not only because of the sound effects but also because of the music that will be playing in the moments of greatest tension. Play with our ears to make them our enemies, and that ends up adding more tension and frustration to the cocktail that is Yuppie Psycho ... Beyond being bad, it is one of the best weapons in the title at hand. .

A story that captures, literally

We are not told much about the dystopian world in which Yuppie Psycho is developed, what little we are told is that society is divided into zones or classes, in the Hunger Games style. We are Brian Pasternack, from one of the lower classes and with hardly any basic education, we are looking for a job and we receive a red letter from one of the most renowned companies in the world, SintraCorp. When we arrived at the building we met some colleagues and after talking with them we deduced that we did not paint anything there. They tell us that depending on how high the plant you are in is the most recognized. We see how our colleagues go up to their floors and when we no longer know what to do, they call us and we go up to the tenth floor, the last floor. So far so good, all correct but when we get to the top floor we see something strange on the floor, a trace of blood ... or red paint.

We reach the end of the room where a huge executive table with a paper on it and no one in the chair is waiting for us, and of course the red trail leads to a huge screen behind the table with a message painted in blood ... or paint : "KILL THE WITCH". Without a doubt a good start for our first job, from this moment on we will have to decide whether to sign the contract in front of us and start working in our position as a witch hunter , to try to end the evil witch who has been rotting for years. company from within. We will have to explore a lot, get objects to heal the damage that the witch's minions will do to us and obtain the utensils that will help us advance through the building to find the witch and how to defeat her, we will have the help of an AI created years ago and that dominates the company's database, Sintranet, with which we can process the information we find.

But it will not be easy, there will be a multitude of puzzles and challenges on our road or, many of them optional, that we will have to overcome if we want to prevail. Even the saving system must be discovered, although it is easy to intuit, but it is very limited, so it will take us more than once to pull our hair out when having to repeat a challenge that we do not finish catching the roll. Everything is perfectly translated into a multitude of languages including Spanish , therefore there are no problems in this regard when it comes to understanding the aforementioned puzzles.
That said, not only do we have tension and fear in Yuppie Psycho, we also have diverse and charismatic characters , with rarities typical of a game of the style, and with a level of detail in their personalities that is quite striking. And that they also support a little the touch of humor that makes our passage through history more entertaining for the 11 hours that the title can last, and that will also help us if we want to replay it to find more possible endings.

Yuppie Psycho does not have a too complex control system, we can play perfectly without using the mouse . The movement is controlled with the classic WASD, we have a "sprint" with the SHIFT and with the E we interact with the world, the rest uses inventory to activate certain elements of the stage, in this way everything focuses on our ability to unravel the mysteries that plague our company.